Sunday, September 14, 2008


I wasn't going to go into the debate about decriminalising abortion which will move to the upper house on October 7 but these so-called pro-life groups have really got on my wick.

The Right to Life Australia, Salt Shakers church, Coalition against the Decriminalisation of Abortion, the Catholic church, the Tell the Truth Coalition and the Coalition for the Prosecution of Prenatal Child Killers are waging a disgraceful campaign of intimidation. Cabinet Minister Jacinta Allan was sent a box of animal organs so they don't think animals have a right to life.

The Tell the Truth group has spent $70,000 to promote their self rightous views. $70,000 would fund an orphanage in Cambodia, feed children, already living, in refugee camps in Darfur, fund schools in Aceh and help stop child sex slaves in S.E. Asia.

How many of these do-gooders camped outside detention centres to protest about the children locked away? How many children have they helped by donating to Care Australia? How many disabled children, overseas and in this country, have they sponsored or adopted?

They're a bunch of filthy hypocrites always banging on about the sanctity of the unborn child but never protesting about the wars that are killing children already born. And what pisses me off most, the men protesting. They don't have wombs, they can't bear children so why are they telling women what they can and can't do? Of course with their twisted logic, I wonder they haven't wanted an amendment to make lesbians have mandatory abortions since they're an abomination to the Lord and shouldn't be allowed to have families. Creeps.


Mikhela said...

You weren't going to say anything? YOU? You make me laugh.

You've said it well, though, that stuff you weren't going to say.

Davo said...

interesting concept -"right to life".

Contemplating the death and destruction within the concept of "armys". sheesh, copprw, caught me at a negative moment.

Davo said...

"boots on ground" ...been an interesting two days, here. Local "celtic" festival. Won't say much except that i came across - by sheer chance - a group of longbow archers .. sheesh.

Davo said...

even managed to get second arrow into the pink balloon hanging on the arse end of the donkey. Long story.

Davo said...

on the other hand the Swiss collider has yet to be fine-tuned. There is still hope that the universe will disappear into a microscopic poof of science.

Brian Hughes said...

Pro-Lifers are the greatest proof that abortion should never be banned.

R.H. said...

I'm a top example of people who should have been aborted but I am so glad for my life.

River said...

I agree that abortion is a very necessary option for women. a sister in law of mine had an abortion when she found she was pregnant again within 2 months of giving birth to her third child. I've never had one myself, but if ever I had needed an abotion I'd like to think I could have had one without people telling me I'm a baby killer. There are so many reasons why an abortion is a logical option. A rape victim for example who finds herself pregnant and would be traumatised by seeing the child of her rapist for the rest of her life, (although adoption could also be an option here), someone whose life is threatened by carrying a child to term, someone who knows the child is profoundly retarded or disabled and will have NO quality of life, an unwanted child who could very well become a statistic in the world of abused children, the list goes on.
What I DON'T agree with are the instances (and there are probably many) where women use abortion as a form of birth control instead of acting a little more responsibly about their sex lives and contraception options.

JahTeh said...

Mikhela, there are so many 'mother and child' issues they could be focusing on. Mothers in Africa could breast feed if they had access to the drugs that prevent HIV crossing to their babies. $70,000 would provide practical help.

Davo, you got to shoot a long bow, I'm impressed. The LHC is on the same myth level as the Y2K bug. But back to the long bow, how did an old fogey like you get enough strength to pull that off?

Fleetwood, the big mystery is where they pull all the money from. The world is full of nongs waiting to be separated from hard cash.

Rh, you were meant to be born and enrich our blogs. It's a hard job but it's your mission in life.

River, 20 years ago I was in trouble for telling the girls in our street to carry their own condoms. The reason they were asking my advice was their own parents wouldn't discuss sex with them. If I had a daughter these days, she'd be looking at a wall chart of STIs before she set foot out of the door. There's some very nasty bugs out there besides pregnancy. I don't like abortion, I don't think any woman does but sometimes it's the only choice and it's no-one else's business.

Fleetwood, this is the second time I've had to agree with you. You and I could be very close if it wasn't for your obsession about Harry Potter.

Brian Hughes said...


I'm not obsessed with Harry Potter. I've never queued up at three in the morning to buy the latest instalment. I've never worn a Harry Potter tee-shirt, or bought a Harry Potter pencil case or even paid to see one of the films (and I believe that one of them was partly filmed in Fleetwood), although I have watched them on telly...albeit it only once per film.

Other people are obsessed with Harry Potter. I'm just intrigued/puzzled to know why, that's all.

R.H. said...
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R.H. said...

Aborigines, Gays, Gay Parenting, Christians, Abortion, Feminism, The Rodent...(oops, he's scratched), Refugees, The Pope...

Good, congratulations, carry on.

JahTeh said...

Rh, we can scratch Brendan Nelson now and start on the moneyed-up Turnbull.

Fleety, which part was filmed in Fleetwood? Were you a crowd in a scene? River and I would like to know.

Brian Hughes said...

Apparently it was the bit in the lagoon thing...all the underwater with the mermaids stuff. (Not sure which film...I've lost track of 'em now.)

Fleetwood Nautical College has a specially built pool for training students in underwater survival techniques. (Don't believe the DVD extras when the producers say that they built their own's just more lies on their part.)

The college has a copy of the log book filled in by Daniel Radcliffe (or whatever his name is) charting the number of hours he spent down there.

JahTeh said...

I'm gobsmacked! Fleetwood has a nautical college. The film was The Goblet of Fire and it was the Black Lake not lagoon.

Brian Hughes said...

Finest nautical college in the world, Witchy...hence the big pool.

Peter said...

One label for this comment was "rant" and it certainly was.
How can you assert that the people opposing abortion do not sponsor children, help disabled children or sponsored children.
Most of the agencies that do these things were established by Christians.
As for camping outside detention centres, locked up or not, life was much better for them than it still is for the millions still starving in refugee camps. When did you last protest against the rouge governments that cause those situations? We never here as much as a whimper against the Muslims killing thousands in Sudan and other African countries, where are the protests over Mugabe?
A nation that sanctions the deliberate killing of its own children has sunk to lowest point any nation can sink to and is certainly not one that is likely to care for anyone else’s children.
By the way, Salt Shakers is not a “church” it is an organisation.

JahTeh said...

Peter, I was asking if they did. You and I are never going to agree about this issue but I've noted your view.

R.H. said...

His views are mine as well, but he is not RH, I think you know I wouldn't post under an assumed name.

JahTeh said...

Rh, I knew it wasn't you, you've never made a spelling error in your commenting life.

Peter, I came back to ask a question. If you don't like abortion, what are your views on contraception on demand? That is, any form of birth control including condoms, being available for any male or female who wants it. I am interested as I see sex education and availability of birth control as crucial to reducing the level of abortions.

R.H. said...

I'm embarrassed to be up so late and to also report that I do sometimes make spelling (typing) mistakes and actually made one on Highriser very recently.
Check your work, that's my first advice to all novice poets; one error ruins everything. And which is true of any writing of course: but especially when you're a poet like myself.
I see nothing wrong with contraception, it's a jolly good idea. I also think once pregnancy begins it should be let continue, except where:
1. There is physical danger to the mother's life.
2. Conception results from rape.

R.H. said...

PS: Did you like my ode to you
at Ann O'Dyne's? What do you think?

Critique welcome.

But please be kind.

Hilton. New York.

Helen said...

Actually, I'm delighted at the way the TtT Coalition and others have made complete, gigantic asses of themselves! The way it was reported in the dailies, it actually had the opposite effect intended and pushed a few of the waverers towards voting for decriminalisation.

Keep up the good work, morons!

Middle Child said...

Nothing in this post... it should always be the woman's right to decide without pressure from relatives/husbands/ financial??

She should have access to comprehensive information on the risks - and there are many - and she should be encouraged to go away and take the time needed to digest it all.

if she decides to go ahead then this is her choice, but in an ideal world all no one should feel pressured to abort because of finances - if they would like to keep the baby.

It should be a gentle process and we should be kind to anyone who is in this awful place of having to even think about this.

Middle Child said...

My first line got Chewed up...I began with , i fing nothing in this post to disagree with....

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