Friday, September 12, 2008


I had my Gold Class upgrade code and I was first in line to see 'The Mummy and the Dragon Emperor's Tomb'. Brilliant entertainment and I think it beat Indiana especially in the special effects department. John Hannah stole every scene but then he does in every 'Mummy' movie. The humour was subtle. Great escapism for a couple of hours. I just wish they hadn't kept saying 'mummy' through the movie, it made me remember what I was there to forget.

Next week, Hellboy2 and how stupid is it that, at my age, I'm reduced to sneaking off to see a film.

Daniel Craig just might tempt me back to see a James Bond film.

I'm still shitty on Warner Bros for not screening Harry Potter in November. Their story is that due to the writer's strike they haven't enough quality films for summer release. The HP forums reckon it's because Daniel Radcliffe is starring on Broadway and WB didn't want the nude scene in Equus (?) crossing over to The Half-Blood Prince movie. Pre-viewers of the film have said it's stuck very close to the book and the visit to the cavern is a great scene. I feel like Warner's have stolen Christmas. A dragon pox on them.


Jayne said...

I love John Hannah in anything, even his birthday suit :P

JahTeh said...

Jayne, you have to see this for the sets and I love Jet Li.

Brian Hughes said...

"I feel like Warner's have stolen Christmas."

Let's hope they keep it.

River said...

I heard that the Harry Potter release was delayed in America because the film company wanted to take advantage of the holiday break when more people would go to the movies thus guaranteeing bigger box office takes. Their delay results in our screening dates being set back. Unfair I think. Why not release it everywhere on the same date.

Miles McClagan said...

I know absolutely nothing about Harry Potter, not one single thing - at first, I thought I was being culturally cute, but now, I think I need to know, because having never seen it, it's buggering up my trivia nights...

JahTeh said...

Thank you "GRINCH" Hughes. If you upset Santa there'll be tears because I want him to bring me a Chain Saw for Christmas.

River, that's the official line they're putting out. Then they have the cheek to say we won't have to wait as long for the first part of Deathly Hallows. Money grubbers.

Miles, you must read the books first and not just see the movies, you'll miss out on too much.

Middle Child said...

Got to go and see that picture... i love that stuff... and go by myself is fine...the pictures are great

That's So Pants said...

Hi Coppie

A chainsaw for Christmas? You go girl!



River said...

"FIRST" part of Deathly Hallows??
Whaddaya mean, FIRST part?
Are they giving it to us in instalments now??

Brian Hughes said...

"Miles, you must read the books first and not just see the movies, you'll miss out on too much."

Alternatively, Miles, don't bother doing either. You could end up investing hundreds of hours that you'll never see again in the most boring books/films ever sold to a gullible public (Britain's version of Pokemon basically) only to be affronted by the most unambitious and lethargic finale ever scribbled.

This is just my opinion, you understand. I'm sure Witchy doesn't see it that way. Then again she actually paid to see the Mummy III, which is the cultural equivalent of hitting the meths bottle for a sociable night out.

JahTeh said...

Miles, you listen to Hughes, he is the expert on meths drinking but has no taste in literature or films.

Therese, it's a few hours of fun and relaxation. I mean who wants to pay and see real life drama.

Pants, believe me when I say, it may not be used on the trees.

River, it's so they can get all of the final book on screen. Most of the forums want the first part to end at shell cottage at Dobbie's funeral. Shut up Fleetwood, I can see you snivelling from here.

Brian Hughes said...

I'm not snivelling. I'm snorting with derisive laughter.