Monday, October 06, 2008


You have to admit it, Posh is good value when you need a laugh. Those chicken legs on stilts are a riot. I think the secret is that there are little tiny wheels in the soles so she doesn't actually have to lift the shoes because I doubt she'd have the strength. She just glides along as one of her lads pulls her. I can't look too closely, they're making my knees hurt.

While we're on shoes, I hate gladiator sandals. When I was a kidwholovedfashion there were two types of sandals, pretty ones with daisies punched in the leather and a strap across and there were roman sandals. They were brown, ugly, clunky and cheap. Guess which ones I wanted and guess which ones I didn't get. So gladiator sandals are bringing back childhood traumas which I thought I had forgotten.

They must be hell to undo when you're pissed.


Brian Hughes said...

Personally I've never been out of fashion because first you have to be in it.

Jayne said...

Woohoo I loved me those Roman sandals, been hunting for them everywhere, each summer, for yonks now.
I shall let loose Russell Crowe to go forth and seek them out for me!
Or he gets thrown to the lions for dinner tonight ;)

That's So Pants said...

Hi Coppie

I was always a JC girl myself. Now THAT was a sandal.



River said...

That's Posh? Are you sure? The boobs and legs look much too fat to be her. The last photo I saw of Posh was bones with a bit of skin stretched over them.
Gladiator sandals are horrible. Those roman sandals you had as a child? I didn't even get them. I had those coloured plastic ones that kids wore at the beach and rubber thongs.

JahTeh said...

Fleetwood, you are unfashionably fashionable. In the right light you look just like Kate Moss stumbling pissed and crumpled out of a club in the wee small hours.

Noooooo, Jayne, I want pretties and I still have to settle for granny sandals.

Pants, sand gets in under your toes and takes the bottom of your feet off and they're ugly.

River, apparently she's eating again because she wants to have a baby daughter, god help the child.

These days plastic sandals go under the name of jelly shoes and they still make your feet sweat so that you slip and slide and break your leg when you fall.

Middle Child said...

My daughters love these sandals...I am happy with my sensible sandals...but then I am very olde