Sunday, October 05, 2008


Keep a diary.

Put everything in it.

So when she says she's never called you 'Fatso' you can give her date, time and place.

Insanity Central is very busy today.


Jayne said...

If you Tontine her it's classed as a pillow fight gone wrong.
You always wanted to get back in touch with your childhood, didn't you J ? :P

Miles McClagan said...

I wish I had a diary, but I'd be too scared everyone would read'd be rubbish anyway, probably full of lists and what I had in my sandwich...

River said...

But, being demented, she won't believe you. she'll tell you you're making it all up. Again.

Brian Hughes said...

"Insanity Central is very busy today."

I know. I've tried calling them three times but they're permanently engaged.

JahTeh said...

Jayne, I keep saying it's the cancer affecting her brain but it's hard when the people she's talking to think she's okay.

Damn Miles, I thought for a moment there you had a love life. I mistook 'who' for 'what I had in my sandwich'.

And River wins the prize because that's what she did.

Fleetwood, talking to yourself is insanity.
Off topic, I see they've found the beach where the legions landed in Britain.