Friday, December 05, 2008


The ART bill has been passed by both houses of Parliament and look, the sky hasn't fallen.
Both mothers in a relationship will be able to legally be parents to their children. The sky still hasn't fallen.
Ted Bailleau isn't happy but a big thank you to Robert Smith for this speech.

In his speech in support of the ART Bill Robert Smith said,"I want to make mention of one of the things that, I have to be honest, changed my mind on this whole debate. On the day the lesbian lobbyists came into the Parliament with their children, I ran into them in the vestibule and took the opportunity to introduce myself and welcome them to the Parliament. I said a stupid thing to them: 'Go and enjoy the debate'. How could anyone enjoy this debate?I thought, 'You fool!', but unfortunately I could not take back the statement. The impact it had on me -- not confronting but meeting these women and their children face to face -- was profound. It drove home to me the fact that we are dealing with real people and real children, here and now. They exist. "


Mikhela said...

Yay for youse down in Victoria!
Us next...

JahTeh said...

Felicity Marlowe did a fantastic job with emails and getting the Mums and babies to Parliament and keeping everyone updated.
Robert Smith's speech made me wonder how many who were voting against the bill had ever met lesbian mothers and their children.