Thursday, December 04, 2008


I never thought I would be praising a shopping trolley but today I had the Rolls Royce of shoppers.

I strolled up the aisle towards the magazines, looked over the shoulder of the bird flipping pages of the mag I wanted, made a mental note not to buy that particular one and then realized it was someone I knew and had vowed not to speak to again in my lifetime.

I did the fastest and best U-turn ever seen in Safeway. I mean that trolley sailed like it had a winged keel and I was in the next aisle with one foot still in the air.

The next aisle was a problem though......biscuits! Shelves and shelves of biscuits. Before I knew it my hand was full of chocolate ripple biscuits and super trolley was heading for the whipped cream section. Chocolate ripple cake. I haven't had Chocolate ripple cake since Noah served it on the Ark.

Thank the Goddess, Annie O'Dyne and I have not pledged to be diet buddies until after Christmas.


R.H. said...

Why don't you get yourself banned from buying that stuff?

antikva said...

I'd successfully bypassed the chocolate ripple biscuits in IGA the other day until I read this post :-)

I'll have to get down there first thing in the morning so we'll be able to eat it tomorrow night.

Miles McClagan said...

There was a Bill Bailey routine about him having a dream about being in a biscuit aisle with limitless choice but no Digestives...

I'd look it up but you've just made me want a biscuit

Kath Lockett said...

Good plan - NO DIETING should be attempted whatsoever until the end of January. Life is too short for starvation and misery during the silly season.

River said...

What? WHAT?? You mention chocolate ripple cake and don't post the recipe?? Hmpf!!

JahTeh said...

Because I'd only spend the money on gin. Crikey Rh, are you taking Christmas away from the Grinch?

Antikva, it's really not fattening, just choc biscuits and cream with sherry and chocolate curls on top and maybe a cherry or two. It freezes well and it delicious frozen if you can't wait for it to thaw. It was tops until tiramisu upstart came along.

Miles, I buy one packet of Granita biscuits a fortnight. It's like eating sand but it slows the gob to a crawl.

Kath, I'm on a permanent diet, it's just the food that's stopping me from losing weight. That and the giant packet of musk sticks that fell in the trolley while I wasn't looking.

River, even your Lord of the Gnomes could make this. Whip cream with vanilla. Dunk biscuits in sherry or Kahlua for the upmarket crowd. Sandwich together with cream in a long log shape. Stick in fridge overnight or at least an hour until the biscuits are really soft from the booze. Cut on the diagonal for the stripey effect. EAT.

Ampersand Duck said...

OMG, J -- I did a very similar thing on the weekend! Went to the country markets near the farm and almost bumped into someone I've been studiously avoiding for 20 years and saw no reason to need to bump into now. The shock was a shock, I must say. I'm still hobbling, but I managed a bit of speed at that moment.

Good reason to eat something biscuity, I reckon.