Sunday, January 04, 2009


A curious title for a post and most will shake heads and say 'Nuts'.
My sister is not a psychic ala John Edwards.
She does have a talent for automatic writing. She can sit with pencil and paper and the writing is not her own. Usually it's family who've passed but want to say something. She told my father-in-law to piss off as he appears to be as bossy and obnoxious on the other side as he was here.

I'm in between the believing and not believing but sometimes she comes up with something that I can't put down to coincidence. She only saw the girls for a short time yesterday, enough to say hello and how was Christmas.

She rang very late last night with a query. Was there a handprint belonging to my son anywhere around the house? She kept getting the handprint written very forcibly. I knew what it was and there was no way she could have known.

When son was just learning to write his name, he wrote it in paint across a brick right in the front of the house. It was hidden by ivy for years until I ripped it down when the house became mine. Hidden in the ivy was also an old ceramic lamp base which is now back in his room and a couple of little ornaments he liked. I can't remember why they were there but I remember having a bit of a bawl when I found them. Sorry, short story becoming long story.

When GD2 was leaving, she spotted his name and walked to the wall and placed her hand over his name. She didn't say anything for a while, just stood there with her hand flat on that brick.

A handprint.


River said...

I'm a believer. There hasn't been much in my life to make me believe, but I'm a believer. I've been able to predict the sex of all my children, my daughter's two children and the children of a friend I used to work with. Sadly, this ability seems to have left me.

Miles McClagan said...

John Edwards ruined any chance I had of believing...

All those times it was one of his cameramen who were the real recipients of his "visions"

anodyne Brownie said...

that is truly spooky Possums.

GD2 has an Aunt truly tuned into her.
Bless 'em both.

Jayne said...

You and your grandgirls are lucky, J, and very loved in the next life (as well as this one, of course!).

JahTeh said...

River, the roar of life sometimes blocks it out. This gift only came to my sister in the last few years and it's blown her away at times.

Miles, I can't stand Edwards. Anyone can throw out lines like "There is a father here with the initial B who got run over by a truck full of rattlesnakes but actually died when the scorpian bit him" and out of 40 thousand in the audience, it'll be someone's father.
He does have a gift but when money comes into it, so does fakery.

Bwca, even she was stunned. The writing of 'handprint' filled the page in the book.

Jayne, they were the joy of his life and it's sad that they won't know him. Their stepfather won't have him mentioned at all which is so stupid, it's not like he can walk in the front door and take off with the girls.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

hi Jahteh, I don't get round the blogs like I used to, but just read back to this one. I don't know what I believe, but I know life isn't as black and white as I used to think it was.

I don't have any sort of gift, but dreams speak volumes. spooky, coincidency volumes. the one which 'converted' me was cross-referenced with a close friend. unexplainable... it changed everything.