Sunday, November 15, 2009


There's no doubt about the poms having style even though the country might be drowning in debt, Harrods are flying the flag for Christmas. Gold Christmas crackers, glitter leaf, gold bows, glitter gold feathers and Christmas trees. Almost too good to rip 'em apart except for the goodies inside.

You'll have to click to see the luxe inside the crackers but I have dibs on the cloisonne enamelled box with crystals although the fine socks would keep my toes warm for winter. I haven't a clue how to work an MP3 player and I don't have pierced ears (nipple studs for Andrew?).
It's a snip at 599 quid for six.


iODyne said...

get them at the famous Boxing Day sale and put them away for next christmas.
Our blogpal Te La Ma Maria has a post with AMAZING ballet dancers you must see.

Brian Hughes said...'s an MP3 player. I thought it was a home pregnancy tester.

Andrew said...

Been there, done that. All healed over now.

Elisabeth said...

There's something vaguely tragic about this.

I can't imagine anyone who could afford such bonbons squabbling over the luck of the draw, which is what we tend to do with the plastic whistles, mini nail clippers and such like that you find in the silver wrapped twenty dollar dozen from Woolworths.

JahTeh said...

Stacks, really, me, hobnob with the great unwashed (no offence Fleetwood) at a *gasp* sale.

Hah Fleetwood, it's been a long time since you've needed one of those unless the cat's been out on the tiles again.

Andrew, the least you could do would let Stacks and me have some fun. Right or left, Stacks?

Elisabeth, with that kind of money there's no sharing, mine mine and mine and what's more I'd open them very carefully and put junk in them for the guests. I do love Christmas.

Jayne said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, niiiiiiiiiiiiiice!
So, you're putting on Christmas dinner with all the trimmings then, J ?

JahTeh said...

Stacks, I had that site for my next post even though it took forever to load.

Jayne, bite your tongue. Once again, for another year, I don't look like getting the tree out but I do have two hanging baubles.

River said...

Mp3 players are dead simple. Plug it into your computer and follow the on-screen prompts. First you might want to load whatever music system your computer hold with your favourite songs. mine has Windows Media Player, all my music is on there and from there loaded onto my Sony mp4. (which also plays video but I can't seem to work out how to get that bit...) I also have I-tunes on here, those songs are on my I-pod shuffle, it's the first mp3 I bought and only holds between 120 and 150 songs depending on song length. It's the one I listen to when out and about. The other one, the Sony holds about 2000 songs and sits on my bedside table, for listening when I'm having a lie-in or just reading in bed later at night.
Those gold crackers do look amazingly pretty, are they terribly expensive? Do you have online friends in England who might send you some?

JahTeh said...

River, you had me pegged at 'dead simple'. I still haven't worked out how to download music from the net to computer.
The only person I know in England is Lord Hughes and he's more likely to send me his cat...and its Vet bill.

River said...

Do you have a media program such as windows media? Open it, click on "music", minimise your window, then open up one of those free download programs such as Limewire. (you need to download it first). Once Limewire (or whatever) is open type in the title of a song you like or an artist, a whole list of possible matches will appear and you click (I think maybe right click)on the one you want to download. It should download straight into your media program. Listen to your finished songs and if they're the wrong ones just delete them. Or you can download I-Tunes if you don't already have it, then buy i-tunes vouchers from the supermarket, go to the i-tunes store on the program, key in your voucher code to activate your account,select your artist or songs and buy them. Until your chosen $ amount is used up. From either of those programs you can then install the music on your mp3, although with I-Tunes your mp3 has to be one of the I-Pod varities. For instance my shuffle works with I-tunes but my Sony works with Windows Media. Have fun.