Saturday, July 31, 2010


Is our money being well spent putting out the latest TAC ads?
I would say not, given the hoon that went screaming around the corner near my house last night.
The message is not getting across because the hoons that need the message are out hooning.

Who is getting the message?
Everyone who has lost someone in an accident because we're home watching the TAC ads.

For once, the cops have the right idea.
Take the hoon's car and crush it into a tiny cube. That's for the first offence.
For the second offence in another car, crush the car with the hoon in it.

Don't complain about the expense, use the money wasted on TAC ads.


Jayne said...

Use the ad money to put more police out on the road, everyone eases up the moment they see a cop car.
The hoons that don't ease up get their cars squished into itty bitty doorstops, same as now.

Elisabeth said...

I'm all for confiscating cars when people are unable to deal with them responsibly.

Cars can be like guns - dangerous, though cars also serve a useful purpose. I'm not so sure about guns. As for squishing people into little bits, however wayward, I take it as a measure of your frustration, JahTeh and I can understand the sentiment, though not its enactment.

River said...

the only problem with squishing the cars is that some of the hoons are hooning in Daddy's or Mummy's car, which they may need to get to work the next day.
Confiscating is probably the better idea in those cases. With only the car owner allowed to retrieve the vehicle on condition that junior is not allowed to drive it again.

Brian Hughes said...

"Is our money being well spent putting out the latest TAC ads?"

No...definitely not!

Actually, I've no idea what TAC ads are...but I'm following the current trend of people expressing opinions about stuff they know nothing about by sending polemic e-mails to the news stations. I remember when news programmes employed actual journalists...

Sorry...been off-line for a while. I think all this excavating and stuff is starting to addle my brain. (Don't say it's too obvious a feedline.)

Ann ODyne said...

I haven't seen any of them, but my friend who visited yesterday mentioned them as being vile and not being seen by those who need to see them.
This week I was driving on a 100k road and overtaken at greater speed on double white lines. It was very scary. That person got away with it.

Andrew said...

I don't like to recall what I did when I was a young driver, but we live in different times now. I never screeched the wheels though. Tyres cost money. The kids need to learn there will be serious consequences for what they do. Crush their cars for a first serious offence, like .1 blood alcohol, say 20mkmh over the speed limit and making smoke from car tyres.

Fen said...

I'd like an itty bitty car doorstop! You're right though, no one seems to take any notice. We're immune to the horrors it seems. And boy do I laugh when I read/hear the word hoons! Not sure why!

R.H. said...

The dimwit latte set sitting on their arses all day dream up these adverts. The only effect they have is to increase the behaviour.

But cars ACTUALLY being crushed? Golly. must be an election year. How about crushing all the clip joint 'nightclubs' as well Brumbles, you great bullshitter. And why are citizens afraid to travel on your trains at night, you PONCE!

Crush the trains!

OOOOOOOH!- we are so scared! Government getting tough again....ha ha ha! "Watch out," they say, "Or we' tough!"
Well I know something, all the crims you've seen on Underbelly started out rebirthing cars. St Albans is still the rebirthing capital of the world. Nothing will stop wheelie self-expression in a society like this.

Dickhead Country

When I was a lout a hoon was a pimp.

R.H. said...

Good heavens, what's the matter with me, that was a wonderful excuse to slip in my poem, LOUD.

River is a lesbian

R.H. said...

Jahteh is two lesbians.

JahTeh said...

Jayne, I loved seeing that car get squashed last week. I wish it would get the message home but it won't happen.

Elisabeth, I loathe speeding drunks with a passion, having been married to one, and I wish all cars sold to 18 to 21 y-olds would have a speed governor.

River, this is exactly the problem. We've had so many accidents usually around end of school year where the little dears get the keys and their friends and off they go.

Fleety, would I do a thing like that but come to think of it, your snoz being so close to the methane erupting end of bovines while you dig could do a lot of damage to your grey matter.

Annie O, never a cop around when you need one. Country roads bring out the hoon in the hoons in the worst way.

Andrew, you had paddocks to hoon around but some of these little ferrets these days would scare even you.

Fen, on a clear night you'll be able to hear them doing doughnuts on the Westall road.

"Two lesbians"? Robbert you've been listening to my multiple personalities again, now get your ear out of the keyhole.

A hoon was a pimp, I've never heard it used as that.
And stop insulting River.

R.H. said...

The word 'hoon' in this country was another word for 'pimp'.
Its meaning has changed in the last twenty years or so. Street words like this get corrupted (change their meaning) when the pop-eyed middle-classes begin hearing them for the first time. They bugger them up.
It's like Kevin Rudd with his "fair suck of the sauce bottle".
The dopey middle-classes are currently fascinated with the word 'fuck' thinking it makes great copy. But they never get it right; fuck is a complaint belonging to the lower orders.
Mugs like Bahnisch think they can manipulate behavioural attitudes by giving language a softer meaning. Outrageous becomes "unacceptable". Insulting becomes "inappropriate", and so on.

Really it's one hell of a laugh.


R.H. said...

Lesbian is an insult?

Okay. Sorry.

Fen said...

Or I'll hear them on Nepean Hwy, apparently on Friday night one was caught doing 180km/h in the 80 zone. They ran a red light at South Rd and almost collected someone. That would've been horrific. *le sigh*

Middle Child said...

Why not give the cars away to the needy such as those with chronic illness who can't afford cars and have to hoof it even though battling health issues - they could tone the motors down so they weren't hotted up - seems a shame to destroy soemthing which could be revamped for someone with need.

Ozfemme said...

Nine months until Noise can get his learner's permit to drive.

I've been working on him since he was a little boy. He's in no doubt as to the consequences of being anything BUT sensible. And yes, I do have eyes....everywhere.

Which is why I will supply him with the sort of car that won't do over 60. And he's only allowed to drive his sister to school in it.. or me to church...if I was ever to decide to go there....

Can we bring in a law that states new drivers/provisional licence holders can't drive cars unless they're fitted with devices that prevent (as much as possible) hoon driving?

What about some sort of GPS device that automatically alerts the mobile phone of an authority figure (ie the parents) when a certain speed limit is exceeded in the vehicle?

That would only work, I guess, with parents who give a ......

I'm good like that. I take people's numbers and report them to the cops - like the cranky old woman that I am. I identify school uniforms if they're involved and make complaints to the schools.

Once I even followed someone home and let his mother know what he'd been doing. THen I reported him to the police.

Noise was with me and was pretty bloody embarrassed by me but at least he gets how seriously I take it.

One of Noise's peers at school has already written off his first car. I witnessed some of the driving the same night as the accident and have no sympathy for him (fortunately, he wasn't seriously hurt.). He was driving like a dickhead. Imagine how pleased his parents were to hear from me about what I'd witnessed.

I was totally dismayed to hear last week that the parents have furnished him with another car. Here's hoping he's learnt something.....but probably not.

Noise agrees with me that he's a tool (not Noise - the other guy) and understands why I get so worried about him and Pencils being out there amongst all the risk.

And still, Noise is male. Aren't they hardwired to drive stupidly until they're 35 or something???

Gah, it's a worry.

JahTeh said...

Dear Oz, think of Asshat, is his driving sense hardwired like the rest of his behaviour? Some are just born to be a bother.
But go you on the reporting, if the Lubyanka was still operating they'd be recruiting you.

Therese, that's a sensible idea so it will never be implemented and the hoon owner would probably track down the car and terrorise the new owner.

Fen, if you hear just police cars, then it's cars, if you also hear a coughing plane engine and police cars, don't worry there's plenty of golf course for it to crash into. Welcome to the Wild.

Robbert, I thought pimp was a Yank word we assimilated during the war so what was the oz word, apart from hoon, for a pimp. I'd like to think we had something uniquely our own.

R.H. said...

Hoon was the Aussie word for someone who lives off prostitutes. But from around the 1980s 'pimp' supplanted it, adopted from America. Both words sound amusing to me, but I prefer pimp because it's easier to spit as you say it.
America influences our language.
When I was in primary school a pimp was a dobber, as in: "He pimped on me." But back then American pimps got less display in movies than they do now (and they've always been shy of course).
You'll be astonished to know that your state government is a pimp, living off earnigs from brothels. How degrading. Yes, but mind you, there's less chance of catching the pox.

Brothel Owner's Association.

R.H. said...


I hesitate, because you'll think badly of me, but in the interests of my own amusement anyway I want to illustrate this point with a true story: Bludger was a synonym for Hoon, as in "Here comes Jan with her bludger."

Prostitute Jan lived at 79 Grey Street St Kilda, a fleabag rooming house. She didn't have a bludger, and offered me the job (in a way) by suggesting we get a flat together. I was on my own with a two year-old child at the time and she said she could mind it for me while I was at work during the day.
I didn't take her up on it because I figured it wouldn't last long, and also because she had a broken arm in plaster at the time.
She was a hard worker. One night she had four customers lined up in the passage of 79, going from one to the other: "What do you want...what do you want..." and so on, arm in a sling.

There's no rest from the wicked, nor from heroin.

Lad Litter said...

I like the ads - you've got to get the message out to the general public that it's not a matter of wild oats being sown. And remove the temptation from the many. The hoons won't pick up on that. So crush, kill, destroy!

R.H. said...

The car they crushed was worth about $600.

Let's see if they get fair dinkum.