Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm not in a good mood

Just when everything seems to be going well, it all hits the fan again.

Two oldies dropped off the twig over the weekend, one being Gordy so Bingo is not going to be quite the same. Little Edna went too but the family gave mum her tray on wheels so now instead of the girls carrying all her craft stuff from room to room, they can wheel it. It doesn't seem to worry mum, she's too busy thinking of the outing to the Cranbourne gardens on the 22nd.

And the BrickOutHouse is in trouble with his health. The chiropractor put back the two vertebrae that were out but there is a problem with his hip, leg bones and toes joints all down the left leg. So blood tests yesterday and a catscan on Thursday. He is hunched over like an old man and in real pain but the cortisone might help that and finding out exactly what is wrong will help a lot more.

I'm not his mother but I did bring him up until he went to high school so I still worry. He shouldered his share of the nightmare four years with mum and he hasn't really had enough downtime to put it in perspective. If he's got an early appointment, he camps out on the sofa bed with the cat and sleeps like a log. I had more medical drama with him over the years than I did with my own kid and I never stop worrying about him because like all men, he's as stubborn as a mule about seeing a doctor until he's got one foot in the grave.

I was meant to be thin, beautiful, rich with no kids but instead I was born worrying about what was ahead of me. Perhaps it was better in the old days when the family ran into the double figures and no-one could keep track of who was ill or injured until they were on the way back to health.


River said...

JahTeh, I'm so sorry to hear about the Brickouthouse. I hope all the tests find something that is easily and quickly fixed. There's nothing worse than not being able to get around, as you know.

Andrew said...

That's a worry. Who else can you get to do your heavy lifting? I'll guess that because of problem with the two vertebrae, he has been adopting a strange posture and put other things out of alignment.

Ann O'Dyne said...

oh there's Hot Andrew who now knows All About stresses and strains.

re 'in the old days when the family ran into the double figures and no-one could keep track of who was ill or injured ' -
Rose Kennedy kept file cards on her 11 children, because with that many, it was too hard to recall who had had what.
I hope BOH comes-good, and soon.

Mindy said...

Hope BOH is recovered soon.

Jayne said...

Bugger, hope he's on the road to recovery soon.

Kath Lockett said...

My regards to BOH - may I suggest you both buy a lotto ticket? A win might be what the doctor ordered right now...?

R.H. said...

Coles want $2.90 for a vanilla slice in a little plastic case. Outrageous. (I picked it up, put it down, picked it up, put it down, and bought it. Bloody thing!)
Best wishes to the Brick Man: quick recovery.

R.H. said...

Well it's a grey sky, showery, and romance waits for No Man. Sweetiepies. Loving you beyond the speed limit.


R.H. said...

Like a burnout. Squealing tires.




JahTeh said...

River, when I started go through the various illnesses, I stopped, it was too painful to remember.

Andrew, I am trying to con his mate into getting the old fridge out for the hard rubbish collection or it'll be here for another year.

Annie O, I'm surprised at how much weight he's lost across his shoulders, I might have to find another nickname.

Mindy, I asked him last night if he remembers how many times he's fallen off the bike at the farm. Men never realize that illness and falls add up when their age goes out of the twenties.

Jayne, the cat won't be happy, he'll be back with the girlfriend.
I can't believe he didn't remember having a compound fracture of his hand after running into a gate at the farm. After Albury hospital turned him away, he came home to me and with an angel on my shoulder I had everything arranged in 3 hours including plastic surgery.

Kath, I'm planning on winning on Saturday night so don't you bother buying a ticket.

Robbert, highway robbery, I can buy an Aldi's block of chocolate for that and it lasts a week. True, I'm on a diet.

River said...

JahTeh, tip the fridge on its back, rip off the door and plant flowers in it.