Saturday, November 13, 2010

Almost there.

The dentist visit went off without a hitch yesterday with the BrickOutHouse coming home with a hole in his jaw that a family of five could live in.

On the x-ray it looked like the roots of the tooth went through the back of his eyeball to his brain which would explain quite a few things.
It took the dentist several instruments and assistants to dig out the offending molar.
She said it might fix up the sinus headaches and the migraines.
Now only to fix up a small filling in the front and I'm sure he'll do that. He's had too much pain to let anything go now.

Four sessions at the physio, last check up at the surgeon's and I'll have built a new man.
I can't do much about changing his priorities though.
First report of a thunderstorm was enough to get him up (cotton wadding still in place) and run the precious ute to a mate's factory to be undercover in case of hailstones.

But I have to say that my sister and I must have brung him up right as when he was leaving the surgeon's office, he shook the man's hand and thanked him very much for all his good work.


Helen said...

I know I should know this, as a longtime fan of your blog, but I've never established exactly who the Brick Outhouse is. Brother? Uncle? Live in ex-boyfriend who never left?...

River said...

Well done BOH. I bet there's not too many people who shake their dentist's hand.

I wish I'd known much earlier in life that a lot of my toothaches were actually caused by my stuffy sinuses. The roots on my eye teeth go right up into the sinus cavities and I got relief only once I'd had root canal work done on them.

JahTeh said...

Helen, my nephew. My sister's husband left when there was no support for single mothers so she trained in nursing and I brought up her son and mine together.

River, he thanked the spinal surgeon but also thanked the dentist. Deep roots run in the family and my sinus problems cleared up when I had a tooth out on the left side.

Helen said...

Oh thanks for that JahTeh!
River - my dentist is a hand-shaker. He's German by way of NZ so it's probably a European thing. He's an absolute charmer.