Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This little squid is an example of an asymmetrical organism. The cock-eyed squid belongs to the genus Histioteuthis and lives nearly 1000 metres in the deep ocean. It wanders up to 100 metres to feed at night and its body is covered in little photophores or light producing organs, which make the squid look like a little seeded strawberry.

As for its other name, the cock-eyed squid that comes about because their left eye is two to three times the size of the right. Scientists still haven't decided why this is but sea lore has it as because the squid lives as far down as sunlight penetrates so the squid trains one eye on the illuminated downwelling water above while the other looks down into blackness.
I might be off line as I try to figure out what to do with the new modem to replace my wireless set-up. So far I have opened the box without mishap.


Jayne said...

I say!
He's a pretty little poppet!
Y'know...he'd look particularly gorgeous on the top of the tree.
Especially if you toast him with a gin from a comfy chair ;)

Kath Lockett said...

To me they look like they're wearing particularly fetching chef's hats

River said...

You opened the box without breaking a fingernail? Well done!
That squid's a pretty colour.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Yum, I smell salt and pepper squid - next to duck a l'orange, one of my favorite vegetarian dishes.

JahTeh said...

MiLord, I thought of you immediately, one large eye looking down your aristocratic nose, one small eye upskirting.

River, don't get too excited, I couldn't find the CD they tell you to watch, it had slipped down underneath the cardboard. Swearing was heard.

Kath, I must try and find one that looks like a particularly delicious chocolate. Do you realize that your gravatar looks very much like that bug-eyed shrimp I posted about?

Jayne, it must be the Father Christmas otherwise the tree falls over. I counted 12 holes in the wall just under the painting and that 12 Christmases I've nailed that tree up.

Middle Child said...

What a little wierdie - amazing one eye bigger than the other

Jayne said...

I still read his name and see "Mistletoe" :P

Lord Sedgwick said...

"What a little wierdie - amazing one eye bigger than the other"

Not so amazing MC.

Both knockers and knackers are rarely symmetrical. (Not that I have made a career out of studying them... well, not a paying career.)

R.H. said...
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R.H. said...

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R.H. said...

Good heavens, reading through all that I'm astonished at the insights. Extraordinary. BANG! away I go. Well darlings I know my views are annoying, but they are innocent, if I ever get hung it won't be for making things up.

R.H. said...

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Well you shouldn't laugh but they did.
And verily, there's a lot of hijinks oldies would get up to if the motor still ran okay, fever should be at the end of your life not the beginning.

JahTeh said...

Dear Robbert, I can always rely on you to fill the gap between postings. I cannot tell you how much I hate this 'schoolies' bullshit. The oldie was right, get them playing bingo while pissed and take all their money.

R.H. said...

Golly, back from Thailand already. The romance didn't last long. What happened, did mother go as well?