Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm almost back.

I have a virus.

I think it might be the Wiccan creed of 'Do no Harm' since the violence I've hurled at Telstra in the last 10 days has come back threefold in the virus from Hell.

I am now back with dear old Optusnet, but I didn't go as far as returning to dial-up.

Thank you to the 16 year old nerd at Dick Smith/Tandy Southland who analysed my internet usage and told me exactly what I needed and an hour later I was back on line.

I've hardly been near the computer since, snot is so unpleasant sprayed on a screen. You can almost see the virus spreading.

In the words of that megolomaniacal pipe chewing yankie General, I will return.


Jayne said...


There will be mail arriving soon.
Sorry, not a male.

Anonymous said...

I hope my mail arrived, and that your virus departs asap.

(God bless the nerds and the Big Bang Theory ... does anyone else think Sheldon is just Stewie's big brother? )

Andrew said...

Who is responsible for my cold? Now I know.

JahTeh said...

Jayne, thank goodness for that, your males are hard work.

Yes, anon of the mushroom people, your mail was most appreciated. Stewie is big brother, I just love Brian the most.

Andrew, you are the one riding around on trams and trains spreading your Christmas biological gifts. My brain feels like it's dead and needs a reboot.

Kath Lockett said...

Take care. Try inserting two small test-tubes up each nostril to catch the drips. Won't look pretty but it'll save tissues and prevent a rash....

See, I'm nothing if not helpful.

River said...

Oh No! A virus! I hope it leaves as speedily as it came.
Thank goodness for teenage nerds, they seem to know everything, glad you got what you needed and got back online.

JahTeh said...

Gross, Lockett, gross. You and Sedgwick make good partners.

River, there's nothing as helpful as a teenage nerd. They love the recognition that they are superior to the elderly incompetents they have to serve.

Andrew said...

Hon, it is November, not christmas time yet. Clearing your cache always helps.

Middle Child said...

Snot a lovely picture you create...a hint - when I you've a flu or virus and you know its gone - either chuck out or sterilise your toothbrush - to avoid reinfection - a helpful hannah told me that but I always forget

JahTeh said...

Therese, I always dip the brush in Listerine before the toothpaste.

Andrew, I still blame you for spreading this virus.