Monday, November 08, 2010

The Telstra bandwagon.

My turn for the Telstra snarl.

Bill for the Internet. I'm on pre-paid wireless, I think. I'm still confused and due to make another visit to the poor dears at the Telstra shop. I know to stand in front of the escape door to the back room and they are captive.

So we have:

Amount on your last bill $59.00
Amount you paid (as at 08 Oct 10) $59.00

Your balance $0.00
New Charges $178.28
(see over for breakdown)

Turn over the page:
Telstra Mobile Casual Plan $10 - 01 Nov to 30 Nov $10.00
Calls & Charges ineligible for Plan Discount
Mobile WAP/Internet Sessions $119.276
3G Data Pack 3GB - 01 Nov to 30 Nov $49.00

Total $178.276

I can't even check the 3GB usage because I delete records on the 1st of the month so I don't go over. None of the other accounts have Calls and Charges ineligible for Plan discount. Tension stay away from my door tonight, I'm in a killing mood.

And on the other hand. A car accelerated in reverse, not across the road, but down the road and mounted the curb, went across the nature strip, missed two huge gum trees but flattened the fence and nearly went through the plate glass doors at the home this morning. A woman driver, with a driving licence issued in Mumbai. I kid you not. Shook up the old biddies a bit as it was very early in the morning.

How was your day?


Loz said...

Having spent a couple of ours on the phone to Telstra a few weeks ago because my internet went down and finding myself swearing at disembodied voices that kep saying Ï'm sorry, I do not understand that." I fully sympathise

Andrew said...

You've spent a lot of download allowance looking at cute bois.

Jayne said...

My cousin hasn't had a bill from Telstra since before June, he rang to prod them only to be told 'you don't exist on the system'. His mobile is still working, he's been using it the whole time and I so do not want to be in this country if/when they send the bill out!
Grab a netbook and go live at the local library, J, those plans and thingies are too confusing.

R.H. said...

I don't like the word bois at all. It's a sleaze word; too amorous. I think of young boys who've disappeared without trace.

River said...

And this is why I'll never get my internet through Telstra, even though they keep phoning me and offering deals. My mobile is with Telstra, but pre-paid so I never get a bill, and the landline is also Telstra, there's a clause in the lease that says I must keep it connected and I can't be bothered changing companies. The monthly bill for that is around $40.

Fen said...

ugh, i hate dealing with incompetent companies. Good luck with it!

And blimey about the reversing mad driver, I hope she has her license suspended for being a moron!

JahTeh said...

Loz, it's a matter of saying to the robots exactly what you want. It reminds me of that scene in 'I, robot' where the hologram says 'my responses are limited, ask the right question'.

Andrew, you know my heart beongs to you.

Jayne, That is awesome, I'd keep using and when the bill came I'd destroy the phone. I think it's called plausible deniablity.

Robbert, plenty of young girls have gone missing as well. Sex slavery is, unfortunately, a booming business. 'Bois' is just part of the gay argot.

River, it if ain't broke, don't fix it.

Fen, it wasn't in the local "Leader" this week but maybe next week. How do you suspend a Mumbai drivers licence?

R.H. said...

You have to say that.

Kath Lockett said...

We're at the stage of unplugging our landlines because the 'rental' fee is higher than any costs we incur.

Stupid flippin' Telstra with their poxy window and recyclable envelopes full of guff about 'great service that makes things even more convenient for you'. Yeah, IN HELL!

Oops. I'm a tad tired and grumpy this morning...