Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pertinent to the last post.


River said...

Cute chicken.

Brian Hughes said...

Obviously got the same barber as me.

Jayne said...

Omg, it's almost Feral kid's chook, Miss Beverley.
Wait til I tll him his chook is inspiring millions of bloggers to get a hair cut....

JahTeh said...

River, you wouldn't know which end to feed.

MiLord use money for a barber, I know for a fact you fall down in a field and let the sheep munch at you.

Jayne, How do you know which end to feed?

River said...

Of course I would! The SHARP pointy end. Or just toss the food in the pan and let the chook feed itself. I'm sure it knows how.

R.H. said...

Good-looking dames can do anything they want with their hair. RH is not bothered.
The others should beware of making things worse.


(Known henceforth as Lord Rochester)

R.H. said...

Hello darlings. In response to emails asking what's been going on I submit the following. As Bach's minuet in G becomes Lover's Concerto so does Schubert become Electra. RH at the ivories. I do my best.

Laverton trash market Saturday and I found an interesting book:
Vital Connections.
Melbourne and its Board of Works 1891-1991.
Tony Dingle & Carolyn Rasmussen.
McPhee Gribble. 1991.

On a traffic island in Spring Street, outside the Princess Theatre, there is a statue of a man named FitzGibbon. It turns out this statue -tribute to that great Napoleon of Melbourne Sewerage, was originally unveiled beside St Kilda road, just south of Princes bridge (mind you, Melbourne statues move about quite a bit, Burke and Wills statue has covered more ground than they did alive). E.G. Fitzgibbon was the first chairmen of the Board of works. He sewered Melbourne, which until then was itself a sewer, everyone up to their ankles in shit. The shit ran into open ditches along streets and roads and from there into the Yarra's tributaries and finally into the Yarra itself which was in fact an open sewer. Waste from noxious industries added to it. A Scottish traveller in 1891 described it as “the filthiest piece of water I ever had the misfortune to be afloat on”. The Liffey in Dublin he thought “the dirtiest and worst smelling river” in the UK, but it was “sweet compared to the Yarra”. (Page 36).
Opposed and frustrated by tinpot shopkeeper mayors and councillors (nothing changes) Fitzgibbon had to fight like mad to get his pipes laid. But he did. From 1897 the shit flowed by gravity until it reached its lowest point in the whole system: the pumping station at Spotswood, where massive steam pumps forced it up the slope to Brooklyn. From there it poured into the main outfall sewer which took it to the shit farm at Werribee. Mind you, Mister Chirnside who owned Werribee Mansion didn't want the shit farm next door to him. He comes out of it looking very ungracious.

And so on.



-Lord Rochester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When the roof over your head is the floor of another little box above you with people's feet tramping about plus their arses (en sedent) pointing down at you and their shit from many floors above pouring (en passant) down past you in pipes coated with slime you may wonder at your decision to live in a tower apa-a-a-a-artment. You may even try to imagine your entire city and suburbs being like this: all apa-a-a-artments; little greenery, lots of concrete. Even now the goats living in these dumps go about with rarely their feet treading on earth. It's a special trip to do that.

R.H. said...

Laverton market and this marvellous book: Vital Connections. Hardcover and all, $2.00. Then to the Arab confectionary stall: huge amounts of mars bars, crunchies etc, all past the use-by date and all dirt cheap. My biographical subject (hereafter known as His Majesty) grabbed a big box of Cadbury Roses for absent Murderess Trish Clarke: $5. Wanting to outdo him I got her a 600 gram of Favourites, same price. We agreed she won't notice the use-by. Then it was off to Williamstown and Mussels fish cafe, three scallops and two potato cakes for me, piece of flake and chips for His Majesty. Total cost: $15.95. His Majesty paid and was pleased with the price. And with the owner too, old bastard, who brought the food to where we sat, looking like a pair of poofters. Then we were over the road to Commonwealth gardens. I lay under a huge tree, the earth cool, damp. His Majesty lounged nearby. I opened my eyes and noticed a couple who'd been at the next table to us in Mussels -a long skinny bloke, and a not bad looking chickie with bleached hair, were sharing the shade with us a few metres away.
Well sometimes I think people are inclined to keep distant from myself and His Majesty, and sometimes I think they don't mind being close, after all. We are theatre, after all. Marvellous.

JahTeh said...

I should ban you RH, mentioning chocolates and fish&chips.
Fascinating stuff though about the sewerage business. I suppose because the smell was universal, no-one noticed.
I've just bought a book about Jack the Ripper and the history of Whitechapel at the time. I love book sales and Dirt Cheap Books has just opened up 5 minutes away.
I'm doomed to poverty.

R.H. said...

The high death rate from typhoid (400 in 1890) finally got things started. Fitzgibbon was made chairman of the newly-formed board of Works in 1891 at the age of 65. He died on the job aged 79 and meanwhile fell from his horse while inspecting Yan Yean Reservoir at the age of 76. What a character. Some local councils opposed sewage going through their municipalities because they'd have to up the rates which might risk losing their seats. They were even reluctant later to contribute towards Fitzgibbon's statue. What crumbs, really, they haven't changed.
One interesting thing about the water supply is when pumps malfuctioned hilly areas like Camberwell Toorak and so on got no water while the supply to flat slum suburbs like Collingwood Richmond etc was uninterrupted.
Yes well it's a bargain book alright for two dollars, I see via google copies are for sale at $174. Good heavens. And mine being in fine condition too.

JahTeh said...

Now that is a bargain book.
I've been to Amazon and Abe books to see how much some of my older fashion ones are worth and wowie, big bucks for the out of print lines but parting with a favourite book for money would hurt more than the big toenail.

Anonymous said...

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