Friday, September 02, 2011

Look into my eye!

I used to make up my eyes like this, now there's too many wrinkles to get that youthful dewy look. Not to mention getting up close and personal with a hand mirror which usually means a poke in the eye at some stage.
But strike another off the "to do" list. I had my eyes tested today and I have healthy eyes.
No change in the long sight and only a slight change in short sight as in, hold the book 20 centimetres further away.
They do a retinal scan now which they keep as a record to check with the one I'll have every year. Very strange looking at a photo of the inside of my eyeball. Lovely clear veins, nothing bad near the macular and no floating bits anywhere.
No glaucoma either.
Very fuzzy sight for about 3 hours afterwards which made eating lunch hilarious and curiously made getting up the bus steps easier, for once I didn't trip.
So much for Diabetes Educator predicting gangrene for the feet and approaching blindness.


The Elephant's Child said...

So there, nyer, nyer, nyer. Or however it is spelt. And what a cheery soul the Diabetes Educator was.

Brian Hughes said...

My near sight is getting a bit crap these days. I now have bifocals, which is all very well unless one of the cats licks 'em.

River said...

Hooray for no glaucoma and general good eye health!
I don't bother much with eye makeup. I used to do the mascara, very occasionally the eyeliner, but it's a waste of time now. With my eyes watering from the cold or wind or hayfever, anything I put on them will just streak down my cheeks.
Some of the older women I see at work still do the whole makeup routine, but they use the same colours they've always used which are too harsh now against older skin, plus they can't see as well, so they put on too much because they can't see the black if they put on a regular amount.

So here's a tip; choose a softer colour, and get some cheap magnifying (reading)glasses from one of those two dollar shops. Put on the eyeliner and mascara you think you need, then look at your eyes with the magnifying glasses on and see how gunky it really looks.

JahTeh said...

EC, I suppose she'll be happy if the obesity does me in since I haven't lost any weight at all.

MiLord, you would look so dignified with bifocals, all you need now are Mick's striped jumper and Phil's shorts and voila, the perfect archaeologist.

River, I've spent years perfecting my eyeliner technique, I couldn't give up now. I don't wear foundation just tinted moisturiser with a very soft violet or olive eyeshadow and hint of mascara. Mascara's too expensive to heap it on the eyes.

no-one said...

I'm jealous of your good eyesight. My eyes are so bad that if I take of my glasses I can't read anything further than about 3 inches away.

JahTeh said...

No-one, I have glasses all over the house, seeing and reading. Strange thing though I see better in the dark without glasses. Too scared though to try the laser treatment which my ex did and boasted to me that his vision was as clear as a hawk, too bad he still looked like a ferret. Walking around with the eyes so blurry for 3 hours was frightening.

Jayne said...

That educator needs a good fish slappin' !

Ozfemme said...

Good sight, good insight.

I sleep with my glasses on otherwise I can't see where they are when I wake up.

I'm still doing the make-up for work, but have had to resort to using the magnifiying mirror and light. And it's difficult without glasses...