Sunday, June 10, 2012

Never mind the Sun and Venus.

So I missed the block spot crossing the Sun but I can look at this image for a lot longer and without going blind.  It is a special moon called the Full Strawberry Moon and the Algonquin tribes knew it meant a time to gather ripening strawberries or the Rose Moon in Europe.  In this photo the moon is rising over the Absaroka Mountain Range, Cody, Wyoming.  Copyright to Mack Frost.

As is usual when there is no blogging from the witchy, it means a crappy week or a fall, in this case, both.  Now who would have thought with all my padding in front that I would actually stumble and fall flat on my backside. I really mean stumble, from the lounge door right across the hall until I hit ground zero and imploded about a zillion fat cells.  There must have been some shock since I bum walked all the way to the lounge to crawl up onto a chair when I was two minutes nearer to my bed but then I was facing away from the bedroom and one tends to go in the direction the feet are facing.
And being in nightdress and dressing gown, it took longer than necessary until I thought of taking off the dressing gown.  I hauled myself up on the nearest chair and managed to cut across  four fingers on a sharp edge of a plastic bag containing the drapes still waiting to be put up as soon as the curtain rod is put up.  Not bothering now that the BOH is hopefully moving out, soon or very soon or he will end up a commuting father.
So I'm hurting in several places including the toes on the left foot, right knee and sliced fingers.
Just don't mention the bum.

I haven't heard from mother probably reading her iPad or playing angry birds.  One of the nurses downloaded the game from his iPhone and showed her how to play. She's handling the iPad so well she's reading two books at the same time, depending on her mood.  She gets bored playing Temple Run, zombie apes do nothing for her.  But she's found out how to use the camera by taking photographs of herself and deleting the bad ones.  Who'd have thought I'd be writing about the old girl and Internet technology at her age.


The Elephant's Child said...

Awful, awful, awful. There is quite decidedly no justice in this world.
I hope your injuries heal quickly and that the BOH moves out at about the same time.

River said...

Ooh! Ouch! Sliced fingers! and the rest. Nice to know your mum is happily reading and playing.
I tagged you in a challenge over at my place yesterday, it's okay if you don't do it.

R.H. said...

I'm surprised your bumwalk hasn't caught on yet, maybe you should try it in the street.

Kath Lockett said...

Telling us first about a strawberry moon and then how your own got that way too....

Despite my irreverence, I hope all your bits get better soon. Sounds like a shocker of a fall.

JahTeh said...

Really my bloggymates, it was the dumbest thing to happen, I just couldn't get my balance to straighten up. If the Hoover hadn't been in my way I'd have gone through the wall and ended up in the street. I never did like the 3 Stooges and their pratfalls.