Sunday, February 24, 2013

Of blog posts past

Yes, I'm still here, just melted to the chair.  The cat is fine, busy poking more holes in the curtains. As my Dad would have said, "nice cat but dumb". There is a huge gap between two lengths of curtain but do you think he can ever find it, just easier to put his head into a new shredded hole.

Now I was going through some old files and realized I had never followed up on this post. 

And we have a winner although the Hope Diamond is now back in its original setting.  I picked this one as my favourite setting which was the second design by Maurice Galli and called "Embracing Hope".

While I was wandering through the Smithsonian looking for the Hope, I found this huge amethyst and diamond pendant.  I'm particularly fond of heart shaped gems and I wouldn't mind adding this to my jewell box.


River said...

That is a lovely amethyst and I think it would look lovely as a brooch pinned to my Coles shirt.
It would certainly be nicer than the small plastic down down hand that is currently pinned on there.

JahTeh said...

River, anyway you could pin that hand up the other way, as a small measure of rebellion against that revolting song?
If I remember from the comments, that was your favourite setting for the Hope.

The Elephant's Child said...

Embracing Hope is such an elegant setting. Oooh and aaah.

And yes, I agree the down, down hand should be pinned upwards. I do love your subversive mind.

R.H. said...

Golly, I was poetic in those days. What an idiot.

Some Coles brand is okay but don't buy the toilet rolls, newspaper does a better job. That's how bad they are.



JahTeh said...

EC, I loved all the entries but this one was special.
I'm getting very subversive in my old age.

Robbert, I well remember the backyard dunny and newspaper. I hope you cut yours into elegant squares and iron the paper so the ink doesn't mark you as uncouth.

Middle Child said...

Lovely stuff - love the red one best

JahTeh said...

MiddleChild, I thought of you when I saw the water rising at Port Macquarie. The snakes would be heading for Craggy Island at a great rate of knots.