Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What a load of faffola!

Knitting is a time honoured craft and I'd rather have a Prime Minister sitting and knitting than one biking in lycra.  Nothing wrong with men knitting either. Bluff, gruff fishermen of the Scottish Isles knitted their own patterns in highland wool so if they were drowned, it showed which village and family they came from.  Women took up knitting for the Crimean War, Balaclava ring a bell and it went on from there. All lycra does is say, "Look I'm an arse on a bike.".  I don't think Kevvie knits unless he's knitting his whining into a whinge.
At least she's not spending our money on a gift for the Windsor sprog, she's making do and doing it right. Aussie women rule!


River said...

Good for her!
And that reminds me, I must get knitting for my nieces baby, he's due in ten weeks and I haven't even started yet. I should be able to finish something by the time he starts school if I start now.

Fenstar de Luxe said...

I don't even get what the big dealio is. *sigh*

Elephant's Child said...

Kevvie could knit his whining into a three piece suit.
And I agree on the subject of knitting versus lycra.

R.H. said...

Julia 'The Emu' Gillard (big nose big arse) will have lots of time for knitting after Sept 14.
The Laybore Party is facing the worst defeat in its entire history.

R.H. said...

Never mind. Do darlings know ladies are said to have knitted in the audience as heads got chopped off at the guillotine? That was during the French Revolution. There will never be a revolution here, mugs are too fond of their en-suites.
Oh, and debt in general. Pay now, die later. 20% off.

Shut up.

R.H. said...

I have decided to pen my memoirs, just to disclose my humanity.

R.H. said...

They won't be cheap.

JahTeh said...

River, the carry-on was also about the photo being posed, like every photo for a magazine is not posed.

Fen, She's a woman, she governs a country and she knits, multi-tasking, something men have trouble with. I mean they can take a leak but can't put the seat down while zipping up.

EC, so true but I've heard they're going to dump the lady today.

A bright full moon and out comes Rochester, fresh from penning the first chapter of those memoirs. I will knit at your book launching.

Elephant's Child said...