Thursday, June 27, 2013

He's Baaaaaaack!

 So he did it, back at the top.
 Now Kevvie let's try not to be smug this time.
 And remember to put the complex back behind the dunny door.
And leave the tantrums to the Leader of the Opposition
And don't smile.
*wanders off singing "Oh the shark has pretty teeth dear and he shows them pearly white"*


R.H. said...

The smile is what did it.
He's one hell of a salesman.

Elephant's Child said...

I am pretty certain he takes smug pills. I don't think anyone can be that smug naturally.

River said...

Kevin who??

Marshall Stacks said...

darling Coppy that is a jewel, a gem, 40-karat comment.

If he is Labor's baby, they have clearly forgotten, as women do, how awful it was LAST TIME with 3 personal assistants quitting within 12 months, and everybody else having to work 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and that thing with the sandwiches on the plane.

On the other hand, that wonderful man Ronald Searle, and his cohort Geoffrey Willans got me through high school with the joy of their
The COMPLEAT Molesworth, which my closest friend (still) was so appreciative of, that she liberated it from the school library as a Valedictory award to ourselves on our final day.
x x

Brian Hughes said...

How to be Topp!

Frances said...

I'm with Marshall Stacks:

"...a jewel, a gem, 40 karat comment"

JahTeh said...

Robbert, can't you just see him selling dodgy aluminum siding to pensioners?

EC, He can be as smug as he likes if he wins the election. He can be semi-smug if he draws.

River, forgotten? And he's tried so hard to keep his face in front of a camera.

Stacks, they still don't like him but they hate the thought of Abbott as PM even more. I think he'll be very nice until he has that job secure then the real Kev will emerge.
I can only agree MOLESWORTH RULES!

MiLord, Thatcher in Y-fronts.

Frances, our former redhead in residence retired with grace. Now it's time for the street thugs to duke it out.

R.H. said...

Poor Neville Crowe who missed the '67 grand final through suspension went on to sell dodgy "brick cladding". It's awful; half the northern suburbs were covered in the stuff, I wrenched it off my sister's house in Thomastown.

M said...

ahhh he's been circling that boat for a long time.

Helen Smart said...

I absolutely agree with Stacks re: 1) the awe inspiringness of this post 2) Growing up with Molesworth and his Skool freinds (not to mention skool dog and skool sossages) and 3) Kev.
That's a great story about your friend liberating HTBT from the skool library.