Saturday, July 06, 2013

Call the Time Lord

Just in case you missed my pretties while I was doing daughter duties here is David Gardner's 18k
gold necklace featuring a 27.43 ct cushion cut Sphene accented with diamonds. I could wear this anytime because I've discovered the joy of magnetic clasps.

I have been slaving at the Home. They've decided to outsource the washing and everything has to be named, not by pen either.  Apparently that washes off after a couple of turns in an industrial machine. They'd like us to sew on labels. I'd like to tell them to f off and the only sew on label I've done is inside her favourite knitted jacket that I bought for $6.50 at the op-shop. Since now I've been appointed washerwoman in chief, I'll just keep using the pen.

I've just been to Southland and bought a new Television in the sales. I walked in, saleschild comes over and I ask for TV for Dummies.  Am I going to use it for a computer screen? Saleschild hides his smirk at the fact that my CPU is so old it doesn't have a dvd burner component and I still have a desktop not a laptop. I finally kill him by telling him I still use a walkman.  According to the child genius, yes, it will hook up the dvd and video player and hook into the arial I have. It looks great and when I get home I check the JBHiFi website and there are 7 fairly good reviews. I've already told the Saleschild I will come back and hurt him if things go wrong. On the way out, I go back and check that it has a remote control since I'm sick of carrying the cat across the room everytime I want to turn a channel.  A remote would remove Abbott and Rudd from my sight in a flick.

I paid for some of it and mother has paid for the rest for my birthday. My sister snipped at this but I've since found out that she's asked for a new iPhone for her birthday and she can't use the one she's got. Her grandson and my great nephew is a year old next week. I can't believe the time has gone so quickly.  I want a Time Lord to slow things down a bit.  

Now if anyone is stuck for an idea for a birthday present for me, I'd like this necklace of Akoya pearls and a 16.47ct oval Tanzanite set in 18k white gold with a diamond and sapphire surround.

And don't forget the cake, all my favourite colours and sprinkles.


Elephant's Child said...

I well remember sewing label after label after label on. And all so the commercial washers could destroy everything.

The jewellery was nice - but that cake looks like a masterpiece. Enjoy your television...

M said...

they seriously SHOULD have a TV for Dummies section! Great idea.

Andrew said...

Lo fat, lo carb, low sugar birthday cake is in the making for your special day. Guessing it is a Samsung. Tomorrow we are celebrating Little Jo's sixth birthday. I have known you longer than I have her. Where did the time go?

Ann ODyne said...

Sparkly stuff and CAKE. Virtual joy thanks Coppy. And as I type, Uncle Andrew will be having cake too. X X

JahTeh said...

EC, this is the first brand new tv I've had since 1975 when colour came in. That dear Kriesler lasted up until 2001 and after that it was second hand from anyone who upgraded. I had to run my sister's through the VCR remote since she'd broken all the knobs off.

M, I just stood there in the store completely bewildered and I know when it gets here it's going to look huge even though it didn't in the store. Saleschild said it was just plug and play but I need a 50 page booklet just to do that.

Andrew, don't be disgusting, you can't have a birthday cake like that, it's not fun. Little Jo is six? Another six years and she's a teen and wanting Uncle Andrew and Uncle R to take her to rock concerts and raves and hide her vodka breezers.

Annie O, come hell or high water, this year I am going out to dinner for my birthday. There's a nice little place in Parkdale and I know the Chef. I will phone ahead for cake.

River said...

I LOOOOVE that first necklace! and the cake looks rather yummy too. How long till your birthday? Hope the TV is all set up and working well now.

River said...

P.S. digital TV is just plug and play. I asked K to come and help me set up mine, she came, turned it on and sat back in amazement while it went through the process of channel searching and setting. She said it was the easiest set up she'd ever done but I still had to pay her the promised pizza. She asked if I wanted it connected so the channels operate through the dvd remote, usually I do that, but this time I've kept them separate.