Sunday, July 07, 2013

As I see the coming election

The sitting party and their new leader.

The Opposition and their old leader just keeping  his head above the public opinion of women.

The sharpest beak in the bunch but they done her in.


M said...

seems about right to me.

Ann ODyne said...

Yep, all turkeys, and that's an insult to the birds, and I will laugh for a week if Rudd In The Mud loses.
For 2 weeks if it's Abbotts win, and for 3 if Julian Assange achieves the Senate.

JahTeh said...

M, I thought that bear looked exactly like our Op Leader, something about the ears.

Annie O, I'll go for a draw and another election for Christmas.
It looks as though Julia has picked a good woman to contest her seat but the Party isn't coming to the party yet. Now that would be a low blow.