Sunday, January 12, 2014

Give and take, I can't help myself

If you feel at a low ebb don’t fight Mother Nature: pace yourself and get plenty of rest. Even though you may be physically fit, this is the point of the year, astrologically speaking, when you are more vulnerable and need more tender, loving care. There are gains to be made by listening to the unconscious mind, which is reaching you via dreams and intuitions.

The year has only just begun and there are many more weeks in which to fulfil the agenda you have set yourself, but by taking your time now you will discover more routes to your objectives and make better strategies. From Thursday the moon will be in Leo giving you an extra boost and some potentially very good news.

That's my star chart for next week.  The unconscious mind has been dreaming of me and I'm cleaning rooms with nothing in them. I'm taking that to mean I'm running on empty. Because the rooms I'm cleaning in real life are anything but empty. I had fingers crossed on bin day that the truck would actually be able to lift the recycle bin. I was smart, I put the bin by the gate and wheeled the 50 or so magazines and other assorted junk down to it in the wheel barrow. It was still a monster to get to the nature strip but at least I knew it wouldn't fall over in the wind. I still have another barrow load for the next collection but Murphy's Law, hernextdoor is having a clean out and brought in four wicker baskets, two just what I wanted, one a maybe, another a possible. Oh just call me magpie and be done with it.

The bottom image is Apophyllite on Stilbite from India and the top image is Apophyllite and Natrolite also from India.  I have been looking for images of a related mineral  for ages, not just any image but something that showed the colour as I looked at it. The colour of seawater just as a wave breaks, just under the curling white top. The top image was perfect as it looked like a wave hitting.
A woman, not a psychic or medium, just a person with a gift of some power once gave me great comfort and peace.  That gift I repaid with a specimen of Phosphophylite which came in a tiny domed case. I have never seen another specimen since and most gem stores have never heard of it but New Age info is that it enhances abilities or powers. The specimen I bought was so perfect in colour and formation that it looked like a frozen wave was also so powerful that the lady in question had to lock it away in a box until she because used to its force. Very fanciful, I hear you saying, well I know what she did and I know it could not have been trickery or fake so I'm glad to finally find something that's close to the form and colour of that mineral.


Elephant's Child said...

My father always accused me (with some justification) of being a magpie. Just the same, if I was able to show him these crystals he would have lusted after them. Beautiful.
Take care of yourself in this week's vile weather. I have shuddered looking at your temperatures (and ours, which aren't as high).

River said...

The moon is in Leo from Thursday? How does that affect us Leos? Should I buy a lotto ticket? Two?
Those crystals are gorgeous, any idea where I could buy some like that?
I used to be a bit of a magpie during hard rubbish weeks, now I lock myself inside to reduce the temptation.

R.H. said...

I do that too with the recycle bin, peeping out as the truck arrives, huge suspense.

How the hell can the moon be in Leo? What's it mean? Bloody nonsense!

JahTeh said...

EC, all crystals are beautiful and I'm glad the shop closed at Southland. Rare specimens like these are really expensive.
I was out for a blood test at 8.30 this morning and home by 10.

River, it just means that we rule the world more than usual. Next post I have something to excite us magpies.

Robbert, I hope you don't put bad things in the recycle bin. Around here the Council comes peeping to check up.
Leo means I rule you next week so watch it.

JahTeh said...
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