Thursday, March 05, 2015

Inventions of note

Isn't this just adorable.  It's a quick Ferret muzzle for taking the ferret for walkies and it came to me that I must post it the minute I switched on the news this morning and the "Font of all Wisdom" was saying how he was going to save all of us (again).  Except for old people who are draining the land of money because we have a pension, a pension that we paid our taxes for and in an age when women were never considered in a superannuation scheme so most of us don't have that.  So you can see why the quick Ferret muzzle immediately sprang to mind. We'd still recognize him, the ears, you know.  The PM sort of lends himself to this, might even improve him but when I tried to picture Smokin' Joe in one I realized there'd have to be a bit of tinkering with the design.

And, and, and, it has accessories.  A Ferret activity tunnel no less.  He might have a bit of trouble because he has to go straight so the cross Ferret tunnel would be the go.  If it doesn't amuse him, at least it will stop him running in circles.  And the PA should look great toting the carry bag after she sticks a few shiny mirrors on the front so she can flash blind curious journos.

There you are, my contribution to the welfare of the nation, who says fat old pensioners are useless.


Andrew said...

I know ferrets don't smell the best, but it it really fair to compare the quite nice little creatures to a not so nice creature?

River said...

Definitely the cross tunnel and the muzzle too, so he can't call for help when he doesn't know which way to turn.

Elephant's Child said...

I would like the muzzle to have spikes (poking inwards) too. To ensure that those mouths stay shut.

Ann ODyne said...

what a great post Ms Copperwitch. Just what I needed to read (although our PM gives no joy at all, and ferrets are far more appealing than he is, smelly or not).
off topic but I thought of you when I read about that missing meteor (is it horsham?). I know you love impact craters and it must have made one. I hope someone finds it for you.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, everything smells but some, like politicians, have taken it to professional levels. I believe ferrets are nippy, I've never actually handled one.

River, brilliant comment but it doesn't matter which way he turns, he has a face to present.

EC, how vicious but I believe the Spanish Inqisition used something like that so there's nothing new under the sun.

Annie, meteor? I haven't heard, brain is in shutdown because of mother's birthday and I'm incapable of intelligent thought.
And I keep turning the news off because Big Ears is monopolizing the cameras on every subject that comes up.
Brilliant bit on ABC news this morning about the number of Australian flags behind the Prime Clot, it's up to 8 now when he holds a press conference.

R.H. said...

Hi, it's me, Robert. Just popping in to say there's loads of ferrets around Nth Fitzroy.
Funny little buggers, cute too, they sit at tables and the chatter is piercing.
What's it about? Who cares.
And Ferrets do bite, ya know. But that's not the point, I'm all for muzzles.

R.H. said...

Hi, Robert again. Musing on the old gang this evening: Miss Grogon...and that appalling old meat sack Miss Pavlov! Good heavens, what an experience!- these old moo cows loiter on like pimps around a poor box.
Anyway, greetings to all from poor RH, most misunderstood commenter in blog history. Maybe I'll shave my head and go live in Nth Fitzroy.

Davoh said...

Um, the ferret muzzle will only be relevant to those who own ferrets (cute creatures, actually, and do not bite without provocation).

As a 'free market' business idea - perhaps a muzzle that fits Tony Troglodytes?

(hi RH, this possum remains alive; but perhaps would be more respectful to not scrabble on Jateh's roof ... heh).

R.H. said...


JahTeh said...

Robbert, after watching politicians this week, it should be mandatory for them to wear them for at least 12 months to allow their brains to mature after elections.

Davoh, welcome back and my next post is from an email from you in 2006. I deny that I am a hoarder, it just got lost with a mountain of other stuff that I'm not hoarding.