Tuesday, November 20, 2018

It's crawling towards Christmas.

First of the Christmas "I want" list.  Glass baubles, big deal you say but these are special. Remember Mt. Saint Helen having a tantrum that did more damage than Trump in a China shop?  It was really last century, lord I feel old.  So, baubles, blobs of glass spun into glittery things and not just for Christmas.  I am looking at one above the computer, I love it because it looks like that photo of Earth taken from Space.  I have another hanging from the chandelier in the bedroom, plain glass with seagulls flying etched around it. Another in the Entrance Lobby (watching too much "escape to the country") which is burgundy and I managed to find burgundy drops in another shop, matches the rosewood furniture. Yes, my Lobby has furniture.  Going round the corner to the toilet with the lop-sided sign, thank you, useless ex, I have hanging from the ceiling my Universe. I put them up one Christmas and found out it was good Feng Shui if they swayed in the breeze and sent the bad Chi on its way.  No lead crystal here just the most fragile of coloured glass, matt gold balls and mirrored baubles.  The stars on the ceiling used to glow in the dark but they super nova'd over the years and I can't climb the ladder to lever them off.

Now these glass balls are heavy and like good glass have ash in the melt, Mt St Helen's ash. How good is that? Shut up, it's terrific to me and I want both of them, I'm greedy.

As usual the Black Dog has been dogging my brain (cute, I'm getting my sense of humour back) and watching mother almost die every week is emotionally draining and physically draining every time I fall over so by the time I sort out the walking mess that is me, days have disappeared.  Falling asleep in the chair is still going on, the cat threw up on my foot and I didn't wake.  I am just not in this world at the moment.  My sister rang again and that always makes me so glad..not.  I think I'll have it written in my Will that if I was too fragile to punch her, I want someone hired to slap her if she goes near my grave. 

That is something else to be done, check the plot, I haven't be there since the bushfire dropped a walloping great fir tree near it.  I need to measure up the plaque for mother and measure where the flowers went up in smoke so I can put the new ones in, she made me promise. I could get a taxi there and walk back but the paths are wonky and I refuse to ring 000 and ask for an ambulance to find the fat lady down in the middle of a cemetary.  I hated to ask nephew since he works 6 days a week and Sunday is all for his little boy but he has promised to make time. I have a feeling that time is short.  


Elephant's Child said...

RING nephew.
And hugs.

River said...

Yes, RING nephew.
I love those glass ornaments and would like to know where I can see/get some. (they're probably far above my budget allowance though)
I also love the sound of the ones you have hanging and would appreciate photos if you can and of course where can I get some to hang around here?
I agree that falling in or near a cemetery is not a great idea, so please don't do that.

Andrew said...

Good to hear about your excellent sheng fui and bad Chi Chi has been sent on her way. I like glass. Crystal is overrated.

Cheryl said...

The glass baubles are beautiful,they remind me of the exquisite Murano and Caithness glass.

JahTeh said...

River, https://pacificnorthwestshop.com will get you there. They have different sizes but I didn't see anything about shipping overseas.
You'll have photos but not until I dust and de-web, it could be some time.

JahTeh said...

El Chi, He would come if I did ring but I never know how much pain he's in now.
He is stuck with Gout Athritis for ever and never knows when a flare up will cripple him.

Andrew, glass is very okay but Crystal is Queen especially for Whisky. I can prove it, buy a bottle of excellent Whisky and alternately drink from glass jam jar and hand cut heavy Baccarat crystal. You probably won't remember which is better when staggering through the hangover but it's a great experiment.

CG, love Caithness glass but try googling Isle of Wight glass, now that is gorgeous.
Murano doesn't quite float my boat except for some of the hand made beads.