Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Ring ring from Yeppoon

Such a lot of wisdom in that.  Communication is important except when it's a cold caller for some rubbish or a sister who's communication comes across like a soggy biscuit dropped in a cup of tea. The most infuriating thing that can happen, dropping the Teddy biscuit in a cup of tea.

This is usually me on the phone listening or trying to talk to my sister.  It's definitely me at least two hours after I put down the phone trying to calm myself.

She rings to tell  me it's shining brightly on the coast and it's raining in Melbourne. Biatch, I'm in Melbourne and don't know it's raining. (crazy stage)
She's off to the pub, booked a table and half price lunch to watch The Cup. I wondered to mother the other day if wrinkle face was still cementing with make up before she left the house.  Apparently only if she's going to the pub as there is a little problem with the muggy heat and she has to sit in front of a fan for half an hour to set her face or everything runs down her neck. (insane stage)
She won't be betting too much after all she on a pension now.  This from someone who would back horses in Toowomba at midnight cross-eyed from too many Fosters (psycho stage).

Haven't rung Mum, is she still with us? (psycho stage with desire to face slap hard).

Funny how I keep getting these calls though, I'm sure I don't have a sister.


Elephant's Child said...

No sister here, but at least one of my brothers can launch me straight into psycho bitch from hell mode.

River said...

My sister doesn't like telephones so hasn't got even a landline. and she's retarded enough to not know how to work a mobile.
would it help if you pretend not to know who is calling and just hang up?

Andrew said...

Your relationship with your sister sounds like R's relationship with my sister.

Beth Waltz said...

How serendipitous is your leading quote for the day, dear JayTah. This is election day here in the states and the atmosphere is electric as women who will soon be hosting Thanksgiving feasts murmur in the voter lines about "how to keep THEM from discussing HIM...". Dare say there hasn't been this much fun around family tables since our Civil War/Reconstruction.

JahTeh said...

El Chi, that's one thing I miss about the old phones, you could really give it a good slam down, satisfying so satisfying. Now you have to find the off button, put it down carefully in case of breaking glass and no spitting because you have to clean the cover.

River, believe me that's one way to start WW3. Fighting with her is like punching marshmallows, gets you nowhere. Even a suggestion that she send her grandson a post card every week, just to let him see where she lives caused a brawl. He's only 6 and kids forget very easily.

Andrew, she has always been able to press the crazy button with me. I once put my foot through a glass door trying to kick her to death. I don't know how she made such an excellent nurse but a shit sister.

Beth, I've been watching the election day and one thing makes me glad, the number of women who have registered to vote. Some lines were so long that the commentor said the polls would stay open after regular closing to make sure everyone could vote.
I can imagine a huge plastic punching clown in the Oval office so he can take his rage out on that instead of breaking up the furniture. I bet Melania knows every secret passage in the White House for quick exits.

Ann ODyne said...

siblings are fascinating to this Only-Child, and if you ever see a film in the TV guide called Sibling Rivalry, do make an effort to watch it as it's hysterically funny.
Get a landline phone with caller readout so you can not answer her.
Stay groovy darling, you're an inspiration.

Cheryl said...

Your post is spot on the one who drives me crazy is a brother in law who has invited himself to stay for an unknown number of days. So I am going to take myself off to the coast and come back when he's gone.

JahTeh said...

Annie O, been worried about you as it's your turn to fall over but land gently.
I swear that film would not make me anything but homicidal. Tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of the end of WW1 and you will be at the Dawn Service so be careful where you put your feet.

CG, you're allowed to spit and swear at in-laws but leaving for the coast is a good idea. If he follows you, tell him it's a shark free zone and encourage him to swim.

Ann ODyne said...

Oh darling Coppy I thought of you when I had a close-call bringing in the damn bins, which in my opinion have design faults. Now I fall over when I lean forward to pick a flower, and I think of that constantly falling tricycle woman from Laugh-In
ANZAC is the dawn one, Remembrance is 11 AM for the minute silence, and I read the poem about the poppies blowing on Flanders fields, while holding a sheaf of them cut from my garden. Luckily they all grew on long long stems while fighting their way up through the weeds I can't pull out.
Then 50 of us trailed up the highway placing bouquets on each tree plaque of our Avenue Of Honour.

Xmas is cancelled this year, but I shall put your card from last year on the mantel. it's recycling. X X

JahTeh said...

Annie, I never thought of 11 a.m., see too much hype about ANZAC Day. Do you know they fired the cannons and machine guns until the last second? I love that poem, always makes me tear up.
You can't cancel my present, it's useful.