Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Please 2.6 million dollars for Christmas isn't asking too much, is it?

Mine, mine, mine!
The inside plan
Any house can have a staircase but a divided staircase, that's just class.

Since my current shack is too small for a Hippo fountain bird bath and this has just come on the market, I'm thinking of moving.  It's not Toorak and not that old but is just 15 minutes away.  My mother and I watched it being built and loved it but Dad would never slow down enough for us to have a really good look.
I love the stair case but looking over the plan I'm sure I could put in a lift for one somewhere. 
I hate the thought that some creepy developer would pull it down and build townhouses for gnomes over the block.
To have a good look, nick over to Domain and get houses for sale in Cheltenham and make up your own mind about the decor.  It does not look over rooftops but across the road is the parkland retreat for the Nuns of both denominations. 

Mick the Mower would be in heaven with the money he'd make from those lawns.
I'm still trying to decide which bedroom would be the library but I think I'll have to go for the bow window music room.  Floor to ceiling books and one of those ladders on wheels to reach. Downstairs, I must have one wall of glass to show my China dolls or my crystal glass collection (rude noise to Highriser).  
I know I'd lose weight, look how far away the tv room is from the kitchen, I'd need a maid who'd hand me a plate, tell me that's all I'm getting and that she's hidden the sweeties somewhere in the mansion.  Up and down those stairs, weight gone and me as well, written on my tombstone, Chocolate does kill.  The IceBear could have his own room with kitty toys and en suite kitty litter. He's not good with directions, I might lose him for a week or two.

I hope the photos don't come out with copyright all over them, after all I'm giving the realtor free advertising.


Elephant's Child said...

Good luck.
How many guest rooms does it have?

Andrew said...

When we stay, can we have a room with a view please. I can see you gracefully rising to the upper storey on a stair elevator.

JahTeh said...

El Chi, you and Annie O will have to share the enormous master bedroom as I would worry about you two stumbling around looking for the bathroom. The rest of the mob can doss down on blow up mattresses.

Andrew, when you stay we all want a view...of you bouncing down the staircase but elegantly still holding your crystal full of whisky. It's about 10 minutes from Southland, DFO, the beach (if you're still game for Speedos).

River said...

I haven't been to Domain yet for a proper look, but it does look rather magnificent in the photos you have here. The carpet looks a little "busy" for my taste, but I agree with you on turning the music room into a library.

Andrew said...

Spilling a drink is terribly wasteful. I never do that.

Cheryl said...

The house looks very grand and a little ott for me but I agree too that a room set aside for a library would be sublime.

River said...

I went to Domain, typed in Cheltenham Vic and there are 511 houses for sale! I didn't have time to sift through that lot.

JahTeh said...

River, you should have typed in "expensive".

CG, It looks grand but not too much so, it's just the decor inside that is not the greatest. A crimson red bathroom would not do Highriser's hangover any favours.
I love looking at the stuff that's around, here it's just cat fur and cobwebs.

Andrew, now I'm suspicious, are you the ocean polluter with straws? Only way you wouldn't spill booze.

Joanne Noragon said...

I can't focus on all that carpet. I'd put the elevator right in that hall closet.

JahTeh said...

Joanne, there is a lot of that carpet and I would have tried to break it up a bit but the carpet upstairs is just as eye watering. I just couldn't let myself post an image of the crimson gloss painted bathroom but I am a sucker for bay windows so I'd buy the house just for those.