Monday, December 16, 2019

The Year went very fast.

Mother on the left and twin sister on the right. Sister is still going but it's one year since Mother died.  All that stuff on the tray is still coming to light in my lounge, in boxes and purses, no money though. I opened one wash bag and found 4 bottles of glue. I have a basket with all the glue I found, she'd put it some where safe and not remember so she'd bribe a carer to get some more at the craft shop. I am still scrapping stick on beads off the bottom of my feet.  There must have been a bag that broke and the damn things have sifted themselves through the mile high landfill I still have.  Don't mind them sticking to the carpet but put my foot down and pain means getting out a ruler and running it over the soles of my feet.  I have now lost my 2020 diary in the middle of the mess and lost River's present but found Elephant's Child's gift.  Somehow it will all arrive in good time.

"Carolyn Petit is looking for work", tweeter, writer, editor and Feminist posted an article on reviewing, citing the reviews of Pauline Kael.  I recognized that name and I knew I had two of her books, but one is missing, my sister probably, a known non book returner. So I hauled it out to refresh myself since reading her review of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, which she hated.  My book had her review of Indiana and the Temple of Doom which she loved. Since all the Indiana adventures have just been screened, they were still fresh in the mind.  She liked Temple of Doom for the comedy, she liked that Kate Capshaw wasn't some chick in distress but in good old 1930s vibe, she was a broad.
A broad who whined a lot, a money hungry broad but funny.  The whole review was illuminating and I wanted to watch it again through her eyes.  This was before the next film with Sean Connery and I would have loved her view of The Crystal skull. I think she would have shredded that to pieces, too much CGI. She showed up the humour and when I read that, I tried to think of one bit of real humour in the other Indiana movies. But she was right, Temple of Doom was the only really funny one of them all. Do I remember any funny bits, one came to mind immediately. Indy hates snakes and she had had an elephant driving her crazy with its trunk so sitting in the dark, clunk on her shoulder goes what she thinks is that damn trunk again. She pulls it off and throw it across the camp fire straight at Indy but it's a python and he's got it. Ok, perhaps you have to see the movie.  
I've still got the book out, it's the kind of book that you dip into, next up is Star Trek 111, the Search for Spock and then Independence Day.
On the back cover, it says: Indifferent to hype and received opinion, she is true to what she sees. Above all, she writes with the conviction of someone who cares about movies.
Can't wait to see what she writes about Rambo First Blood, 11 and 111. 

I'm sorry I'm not a child this Christmas, I would just love a Unicorn that poops glitter or if you twist the tail, poops a glitter twist. Revolting but only because it reminds me of the Liberal Party and its policies, all glitter and crap.


Elephant's Child said...

Here's to a better year.
I can see the crap in Liberal Party policies but not a lot of glitter. And grind my teeth if I hear any of them talking. Shortly I will be best described as grumpy and gummy.
A teensy cake hit the post for you this afternoon. I hope you have icecream to have with it.

River said...

I think The Temple of Doom is funny, but that girl does scream an awful lot and I find that annoying.
Sorry to hear you have a carpet full of shiny bits that hurt your feet. Maybe a pair of Army boots will protect the tootsies?

Andrew said...

Have you ever thought of using a vacuum cleaner? You know, one of those sucky sucky things that picks up dirt and dust from your floor?

JahTeh said...

El Chi, it will come pre-heated and I will enjoy as usual. And you shouldn't be cooking in the Canberra heat. Our PM has pissed off for a holiday in the plane we paid for. I believe he worked at least 37 days this year and is exhausted.

River, Kael loved the screaming because it was always for a reason except the scene where she was lowered into the lava. She thought the screaming didn't go there.

Andrew, have you ever thought of me slapping you sideways into next Sunday? My Christmas decorations are dirt, dust and great mountains of white cat fur.