Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What was that famous line about removing a priest?

"Obviously you've got to make sure that there are appropriate safeguards taken, but look I think it's very important that we do expand, appropriately, coal mining in Queensland.

"We can't let a green veto stop these projects which are vital for our future prosperity."

Mr. Abbott said this about The Great Barrier Reef.  We should all listen to him because he is in Parliament and wants to be Prime Minister.  And if this is what he thinks as Opposition Leader, imagine what His Creepiness will do if he ever gets his jaws into real power.
The reef contains:

1,500 species of fish

411 types of hard coral

one-third of the world’s soft corals

134 species of sharks and rays

six of the world’s seven species of threatened marine turtles

more than 30 species of marine mammals, including the vulnerable dugong.

The Royal Navy used to keelhaul miscreants, that is tie rope around them and haul them along the barnacle encrusted hull of the ship and so removing most of the skin and flesh.  So let's put a modern spin on this tried and trusted punishment.  We hang Mr. Opposition by his feet from a small plane and reef haul him the entire length, making sure we take appropriate safeguards for the reef. I mean those ears alone could wipe out several miles of precious coral.
Yes, I am in a filthy mood and yes, I detest this man.


Andrew said...

Be afraid Australia, be afraid.

The Elephant's Child said...

I am so glad I didn't hear his low and sliminess utter those sentiments. I am terrified of the face of Australia if he does climb aboard the throne.
Andrew is right.

River said...

Nobody and nothing should be allowed to ruin our reef. It's a beautiful, beautiful thing, our reef.

Kath Lockett said...

So do I.

It is absolutely terrifying that the Libs chose him over Malcolm Turnbull..

JahTeh said...

Andrew, women and gays, we're in his sights. It was Henry the King who wished himself rid of his turbulent priest, Beckett.

EC, my language when this creature is on the teev is terrible. He's either very negative or crawling to the nth degree.

River, it's not just the reef that would go, it protects the coastline as well.

Kath, I did think of LC when I posted this. You can tell him I'll charter a twin engine plane and he can hang Bolt from the other wing.
Knowing the Libs, it wouldn't surprise me if they use him as an attack dog right to the election then substitute Turnbull and everyone will vote for him out of relief.

Jayne said...

I can't believe that idiot is still able to live without an obviously functioning brain, stupid half-witted waste of oxygen.

R.H. said...

Despite all the coaching she's given Miss Gillard has nil personality, that's the problem.

The latte crowd now purring over Turnbull will find him just another bastard as prime minister.

JahTeh said...

Jayne, I have to agree with you but apparently he does have a brain but no compassion, empathy or sympathy.

RH, I watched Julia the other night on the news and I don't know what it is that annoys me most. Here's another one with a brain but nil personality or it doesn't translate across a camera. See we've arrived at the USA style of politics, if the camera doesn't love you, neither will we.

Ann O'Dyne said...

the situation is as depressing as that coral photo is beautiful.

The major urge of Man seems to be Destruction

JahTeh said...

Annie O, great to see on the news that Labor has extended the marine parks in that area.

Marshall Stacks said...

great cartoon comment on that by Dyson in The Age saturday -
a group of fish, one on a bike, one with a skateboard, one with a crab on a leash, reading a Marine Parks Regulations signboard stating No Pets, No Bikes, No Skateboards ...

the uniquely fabulous barrier reef is safe until the NEXT Liberia-registered oil tanker goes aground.
I wonder why all the people who talk to A God because He Created Everything, don't go ballistic to protect one of his masterworks ...

Ozfemme said...

You'd hope that our "leaders" were able to see beyond short-term gain and trade-offs to the longer-term outcomes and the vital importance of caring for - not just sustainable use of - an truly amazing and beautiful part of the world (which we just happen to have on our doorstep....don't think that makes it "ours" as such)

But after watching they way they carried on about Thomson....

I'm just saying is all.

JahTeh said...

Oz, you're a dreamer. You are talking about politicians, numbnuts of the world in one building.

Stacks, I just love that. There'll be more tankers, once it was the unseaworthy ships but now it's the fact that the cabin boy is usually the one in charge. And none of them can navigate because they all rely on GPS and how many cars have ended up in ditches let alone ships on reefs.