Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I have an opinion and too bad if you don't like it !!!!

Isn't he cute. Michael Kutsche's concept of a squirrel for the Disney movie of The Great Oz.

Now that the sweetness is over, down to business.

Rabid Abbott is bringing back Knighthoods and Dames for exceptional Australians.  Dear Goddess I almost lost lunch and last week's breakfast.  All I could see in front of me was Sir John Howard and Dame Outback Mining Queen.
But now I can say what I like about the big earred creep because George Brandies (not a typo) says I can.  I am allowed to be a bigot, swear at people and call them names.  It's free speech.  Good one George, take a knighthood for farnarkling.  As for big ears, I unavoidably was listening to him last night and so help me, I could have sworn I was listening to J. H. Smallperson.  I can say that, free speech, remember.

The search for the plane is off because of the weather.  Lots of weird going around about that plane.  It takes an Orion 4 hours flying to the search area, two hours of search then 4 hours flying back.  So whoever directed the pilot into the Southern Indian Ocean was not intending to return.  Why aren't they using drones to skim the waves? Oh sorry, drones are only for hunting and killing.

And Craig Thompson, friend and champagne deliverer to call girls everywhere is miffed that the legal system might actually work and dump him in jail.  Don't worry Craig, hopefully the member for Frankston will soon be joining you. Of course you might get a knighthood for your tireless efforts to get those working girls off the street and into your bed. 

Don't ask about mother.


Elephant's Child said...

I am so not thanking you. Sir miniscule Johnny had occurred to me, but not Dame Outback. You are right, I was wrong. Sir Andie Bolt seems likely too. Oh dear.
I didn't expect to like this guvvermint, but I didn't realise just how much I wouldn't like them.
And I notice that generous Mr Rabbit spent $20,000 or so on a Christmas party for senior workers and their families in his department. And is bad mouthing every other Prime Minister who didn't do the same.

Ann ODyne said...

Dear Coppy - Fabulous post. X X

River said...

Knighthoods and Dames?? Is he allowed to do that? And why would he want to? Anyone with a Sir or Dame in front of their name is no damn different than the rest of us riff-raff. They've just got more money. Strip that away and what have you got?
I really, really hope that plane is found, so many people need closure now.

JahTeh said...

EC, I bet it wasn't his money he spent. I have a feeling that Dame Quentin Bryce would not have been pleased by the honour.
Apparently now being named Governor General automatically comes with Knight or Damehood.
I will say that I think that Dame Quentin and Sir Peter well deserve recognition for all their excellent work.

Thank you Miss O'Dyne. I'm sure you'll agree parts of this country are going to the dingoes. (I know you love dogs)

River, the big earred bastard can do whatever he likes and now you see how important your vote is.
That part of the world is desolate in terms of everything and I think everyone on board was dead long before the plane crashed.

Andrew said...

You, myself, Ann and Sedgers will know what farnarkling is. Anyone else?

JahTeh said...

Andrew, how could anyone not remember the wonders of Fred Dagg?

Frances said...

I'm a bit inclined to change my name officially to Lady Frances.

JahTeh said...

You can do that by deed poll and we will curtsey to you. Better if you go through the family tree and find out that you're descended from Royalty and have a Coat of Arms you can stamp on everything.

Sir Marshall Stacks said...

dearest Copperwitch, we are royalty - blogging royalty.

Over at Twitter all our pals have been elevated: Sir Tony of Grogblog and Dame Helen Balcony, devalueing the PM's stupid idea by hijacking it's uniqueness.
Power To The People! Right On!

JahTeh said...

Sir Stacks, of course the aristocracy of old bloggers (Lord Sedgwick to name) have always looked down on the upstart twitters and twerkers that pass for class these days.