Sunday, June 22, 2014

"JAWS" the ultimate experience.

This is a room at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island owned by the Hilton Hotel Chain.  I would lie awake all night listening for cracks in the ceiling and wanting to pee every 5 minutes.  If I did sleep I'd probably wake up thinking someone was watching me and look up to see every fish for a hundred miles peering down like I was an exhibit in some underwaterworld for aquatic strangelings. 
The worst thing is that this is what could and will happen to the Maldives Islands if the ocean rises just a few centimetres more.  The Islands are in danger from climate change so one day I guess we will think nothing of booking a room with a wet view.  I don't think I could eat fish in the dining room, it could be someone's relative.

Friday, June 20, 2014

If I could just go back

 I laughed way too hard at this cat and his outfit but I really needed to spark up and this did it.  It's such a dopey looking cat but it must have a sweet nature.
I've lost a week of what I did. I picked up my diary last night and I haven't written a word since last Saturday. I can't think what I did or what happened and it's been nagging at me all night.  I've picked up a few bits and pieces. I mean I can't forget setting the kettle on fire, that was Wednesday and last night, I burnt my tea.  I didn't even do my online shopping until Tuesday and that was four days late.
It's mother, of course, infection up again but she won't believe it isn't just a cold she can't get rid of. I went down yesterday, freezing cold outside and all I wanted was to stay home and be warm.

And so for my sake and River's dreams, I went looking for Conservatories again.  I loved this one, an upstairs, full of light room and I demand that it overlooks the sea. It has to, why would you build an upstairs if it didn't overlook something soothing like waves and birds and clouds.
I was rather partial to this one but I'm building this on my bedroom, like a giant window nook but with my bed in it. Just my bed, the rest of the bedroom junk goes in the half you can't see. I'd only have the door if I decided to build it off the kitchen for a dining room then I could open the door on hot nights and get the south breeze.
I think I've posted the front of this one which was a guest house but the brick part would be where the library shelves are and the glass part is for the comfy couches and foot stools for lolling about reading. Plenty of room for a stunning desk with a concealed computer which I saw on "Grand Designs". 
I still can't remember most of last week but I feel better now.  
I'm coming up to one of those monstrous birthdays, you know the ones that let you know you're not getting any younger whatever you do so I thought I might put together my dream wedding. That's the wedding you have when you're not ever going to have a wedding again. My special delight will be re-making the groom into something that resembles a human. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

It's about time we looked at something great.  This is Mt. Sangeang Api - Lesser Sunda Islands and it threw enough of a fit to ground flights out of Australia which made a lot of whingeing people hang about in airports.  Don't any of them watch those aircraft doco's that show what happens when volcanic ash is sucked into jet engines?  I'm addicted to Air Crash Investigations, it's like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for me.  Never get on a plane, it will go down, this message will show behind my eyes every time I see some place I might like to travel to.

But the great thing about these photographs taken just as it went right off its rocker is in the middle of the right side ( your right side looking at the screen).  There are two beautifully formed Lenticular clouds. You know the ones that form over mountain tops and look like caps or flying saucers.  The second photo (your left side) shows the explosive hot gas  going right through the centre of those Lenticular clouds. 
It's one of those 'on the spot' shots that happen once and never again. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Binged up that long weekend.

This is my other 'mother tranquilizer', lace dresses.   It's a wedding dress but I hate bare shoulders in a wedding dress so I would wear it lounging around the house since I'm not likely to meet a Prince to waltz me around a ball room.  I just love the falling lace from the faux bustle and I would have it in, you guessed it, burgundy and with beads, swarovski beads naturally.  It is how I would have preferred the Duchess of Cambridge's dress to have looked, I felt her gown was very hard with the pleated back even with the lace.  Hated the tiara, it wasn't high enough for the heaviness of the veil. Bitch, bitch, bitch.
I've no bitching about this cake.  It looks glorious although I think they cheated with silk flowers instead of handmade sugar pieces.  Ivory on top of burgundy icing with touches of gold, definitely me.
No photos of shoes, I'm going barefoot.

Mother is back from the grave.  My sister, the geriatric nurse of nearly 40 years, has never seen any one come back as many times as she has.  We know the other boot is going to fall but it's almost like that experiment where the fluid flows so slowly it only forms a droplet about once in a hundred years. 

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Deadly weapons....and mother

A blog post about things that are more painful than Mother, just.  Miss O'Dyne sent me these. I love the jewells and the colour but the heels so high. Not to mention the part when I'd need a toectomyor three just to fit.  Definitely drooling and looking at items.
Love the colour, love the jewells wrapped around the heels but these should be on a register of lethal weapons.  One good high kick and there goes a lung or if you're really good, an eye.
A two for one here. The heels are horrible and the dress could burn out retinas with too long a glance. She's had a Brazilian or the Hollywood tape wouldn't stick to make sure there wasn't a wardrobe malfunction. It's a really horrible outfit, no wonder she's hiding behind all that hair.  Can't tell you the designer, I think anonymous might feature somewhere.
Now here is a flat sandal for us except I will tell you if you have a fat big toe then gangrene is nigh if you walk too far in that leather ring.  That's me, speaking from experience.  But I do love the fish and the gold and the jewell.  A drop of Araldyte here and there so I could keep them on and I'd be happy.

Mother rang last night about 7.30.  A long day according to her but it was okay because she slept through most of it.  And why did I buy her two sets of Phrynne Fisher when she need the second series, she sick of watching the same dvd.  Yes, I have bought both series, she is putting the dvd back in the wrong cover every time she watches it and yes, I have had this conversation about 6 years ago when she kept watching Midsommer Murder and putting the dvd back in the wrong cover. After 5 minutes of this too-ing and fro-ing I sincerely lost the will to live. 

Friday, June 06, 2014

The verdict is in.....Not

So I had to post something to make myself feel better. As well as the divine conservatory, I think I'll put on a second storey to the house to annoy the neighbours even more and it will have a lift but to show off, I'm having this.  It's a staircase with the steps filled with Swarovski crystals, can you imagine the sunlight bouncing through the house with these?

Now for the Mother news.  I've been at the Home for the whole week.  I haven't been to bed before 1 a.m. for a week.  This morning she rings and says how wonderful she feels and she's getting up for a shower.  Of course I would be wonderful too if I was full of Oxygen, cortisone, antibiotics and the real deal Morphine.  She nearly went Wednesday night but Doc Marvin got my message (big mouth I have) and went down after night surgery then to make sure she had the right medication, he went to the pharmacy and brought it back himself.  Gave her a shot of Morphine and she slept all night.

I am so freaking tired, I think I'll just put a straw in the Gin bottle.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

It all could be ending soon

Blogging might be sporadic for the next week as Mother slips away or not.  She has had two episodes in the last 24 hours when she's turned a delicate shade of purple and now has a large oxygen tank permanently by the bed.  Of course last night wasn't helped by lazy bitch agency nurse who wouldn't answer her call bell.  My sister got to the D.O.N. before I did this morning but I got to terrorise everyone this afternoon.  The D.O.N walked past the room at least 15 time this afternoon but not once did she come in and see if mum was okay.
The old girl had a shower this morning but was straight on to oxygen and put to bed.  If she is moved around too much the fluid in her lungs moves and she can't breathe at all.  I got to bring all the tri-pillow covers home to wash because I've got nothing else to do.  So throw all in the machine and reach in for a few more and find I've been giving house room to a filigree hamster lounging in my washing basket. That now accounts for the kibble bits floating around the kitchen and the fat white lump's fascination with watching his food dishes.  I just love the wildlife living in my house, spider in the hall, rat in the laundry, stupid cat all over me.

It is all coming to an end or not.  My mother is such a control freak that she's waiting for St. Peter to give her the keys for the Pearly gates so she can go when she wants not to some ethereal being's timetable.  Look for lightning, that'll be her slamming the gates shut.