Monday, January 30, 2017

All lies says the leader

He's won, he's the President, the big cheese, and still he whines and complains that his turnout march was bigger than Obama's.  Cameras lie but not as much as he does.
I hope it is photoshopped for the big blank spot of the Universe but no doubt about this, Attenborough Rules.

(it's okay Annie, I checked nothing is being chewed to death amongst the penguins)

I wonder if Teh Leader is going to ban animal migration from Alaska to Mexico even with their green card stuck to their butt?

We live in interesting and arresting times.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

$29 phone working.

$29 and pre-paid $30 credit and mother is back in business. Press the green to say Hello, press the red to close and she hasn't figured out how to get me in contacts yet.  A win all round so far.  Still on oxygen and Ventolin and feeling very sick this morning.  If I run into the twat that says she doesn't need so much oxygen, he won't be needing any.  She is failing, she might have one more Nellie Melba in her but it's not a done deal.  Doc Marvin has been in two days in a row, he usually says he'll see her Wednesday but yesterday it was call if you need me.

It was 3 a.m. before I finally fell asleep last night and very worrying to wake up to find the cat asleep with me with his paw on my arm.  He only ever does that when I'm not well and it's always the can opening arm his paw embraces.  His eyes are so expressive, "please don't get up until you feel right. You might fall and I won't get fed".  Far too much stress last week I think.  He did have a nasty turn when lazing under the tree on Thursday, he copped an apple on his head dropped by the biggest parrot I've ever seen.  Not the Rosella with the blue and red but a huge green and red bird.  I love that tree, parrot in the top branches with the apples, little birds on the ground picking up the leftovers and at night, the possums have the lot.  Did I tell you they love avocados?  We have such fantastic avo's in Australia even though I really can't stand them no matter how good they are supposed to be for fat people, that I was furious to find Woolies had them on special from New Zealand.  Using a female piece of logic which can never be explained, I bought 3 and put them out for the possums.  Next day only a round bit of skin was left and that was because I'd forgotten to take the label off.

I really wasn't going to go into any politics this year because they are all such (love you Keating) swill but the Grand Poobah of Swill in America is something that can't be shrugged off.  Have you noticed his signature?  Poor John Hancock would likely swoon into a full faint at the sight of it.
It's not writing, it looks like the spectroscopic analysis of a serial killer.  Everything he has signed is by Executive Order and look how many EOs of Obama he has overturned so if his is overturned he can say, it wasn't his fault, it was them, all of them, whoever them is. He can stand there shining and blameless.

Hanson's in trouble with her blokes.....again.  Malware briefly hit the news then returned to his burrow.  Nowt from the Mad Monk, extremely strange.  Shorten, I swear if you wear another fluoro vest I'll spray paint you.  You don't look like a worker anymore so try for the Statesman gig and smile, ever so slightly. Every time I see you, you look like the prophet of doom, worse than Morrison.
And I never thought I'd miss the dribblings of Chrissie Pyne,  where is the little twerp?  I'm only going on like this because it's tennis, it's cricket and ready to scream into Melbourne, the Grand Prix.

I need a small holiday. Cameraface, would you mind if I ran off with R for a few days?  Of course you'll have to take over the Mothering duties but man up, you can do it. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

You knew I'd be back although it's been a crap year so far.

I just could not help myself, I had to post this photo.  Aren't they gorgeous?  I love that my granddaughter looks so serene and happy as a mother almost as though she's found something that she didn't know she needed.

We are up to the Year of the Rooster but I feel I'm being pecked to death by money grubbers not birds.
First a letter from Optusnet saying they will not be supporting 2G phones past March. Mother has a 2G cheap pre-paid mobile.  It's easy she presses one button and gets me but not anymore, they won't put any more money on pre-paid.  So now a pre-paid cheap Optusnet phone has to be bought and I am not teaching her to use it.  I'll get them to put in the sim card which I have to pick up at the Home on the way to Southland and my home phone number on speed dial.

I had another call before I left on Tuesday.  He was doing eye testing at the Home and mother had picked out lens and frames, a bit of a cataract, two degrees deterioration and that will be $500 please.
This is an aged care home, pensioners, half of whom wouldn't have a clue what he was doing. I asked him if they were gold plated and he gave me a discount of $60, that'll be $440.00 please.  Now I hadn't been informed he was coming, Mum has her own girl who knows how to handle elderly people but she isn't allowed in anymore only if affliliated with SCcare.  Mum's a bit deaf in one ear so probably only heard half of what he said.  Arrives the daughter in a filthy mood because my foot is hurting.  They had put up an eye chart which mum couldn't read (not the only one to complain) and then handed some frames to try.  Can anyone tell me why you would take frames already fitted with prescription lenses and expect old people to be able to see in a mirror?  It isn't polite to go someone who is smaller than oneself but it took him 2 seconds to hit mum's room with the frames.  The frames that he said she picked out were absolutely revolting, too small and almost black and on a face as white as a sheet, they didn't look good.  She didn't like them and was certain she hadn't picked them. I made him go through 15 frames before I was satisfied and she looked good.  She always has a pink tint and he didn't want to do that.  She has a large black spot just between the eye and nose, we know what it is and it isn't being touched but the frames mustn't touch it.  That will be $440 please, not until I'm there to make sure they fit, she can see through them and they have a pink tint. I really will have to stop watching Vikings.

Then there's next door, the new neighbours.  A letter in the box informs me that want a new fence as soon as possible and my share will be........but my share won't be that because the fine print says owners must removed all tree roots, rocks and shrubs which would cost me in the region of nearly $400 to get a gardener (Mick the Mower just mows) and I know there is one shrub which is holding the fence up and it's a beast to cut.  I've cut it right to the ground at least 3 times and back up she comes.  Ivy all along and over, Lillypilly tree in the corner with roots underground.  And then in the finer print, when they are digging the post holes, it's $20 for every rock or root they come across and I know there's a mound of bluestones  up the side way thanks to stupid ex. Also $500 to pull the fence down and remove.  I've told them I have no money, none especially for a gardener, they don't have trees right on the fence.  Now hernextdoor has taken photos of the fence and will get involved and that's when I will lose either money or a limb.  We'll talk it out over the weekend and he can see what's involved on my side, poverty, his side, two grown sons and him with salaries.

And for the cherry on top, Bank of Melbourne has fixed my mother's ATM card so that if I use it for her bits and pieces, the money comes out of my account instead of hers. 
If you hear of a woman being arrested at Southland tomorrow, you'll know who it is.

And mother is back on oxygen, ventolin and antibiotics, thank you, Year of the Rooster.

Monday, January 09, 2017

GroundHog Year

Black tipped sharks gathering near the Seychelles, it reminds me of our elected leaders returning to Canberrra with suitcases of lies and misdirections of their intentions of actually being an excellent Parliament this year.  I don't know why I bothered to write that when we all know it's complete bullshit although that shark second from right looks like our Pauline and the one sneaking in way over the back reminds me of Mal.

Already one has stuffed up with her travel allowances, good on ya, Susan.  Centrelink is like the Oroborus with its tail in its mouth going in circles. Barnaby refused to apologize for the mess and why would anyone let computers do anything after the Census debacle.

Mother still lives, still planning her 90th Birthday.  But my dear Eric the Mower died on Friday. The cancer spread rapidly after the diagnoses and sister has been helping his partner. They've been friends for years but being a nurse does not help when someone close is leaving. The Palliative care team won the praise of sister which doesn't happen often. 

One of my neighbours has visitors and they have brought their dog and by the barking, the thing must be the size of a wolfhound.  The IceBear was about to go out last night, had one little paw on the step when the thing woofed.  I thought I might have to give the boy CPR after he fell to the ground. We don't have dogs anywhere near us and I hope it's gone home.  The brave Bear shot under the coffee table until I had to take him out the front door and stay there until he'd done the rounds of the front yard, didn't bother with the back.  We all know he is a white cat but he'd managed to find the one spot in the garden where I'd put water for the camelia and in came the filthiest muddy mangy looking creature I've seen in  years.  While I was wetting a towell to clean him up, he disappeared so I thought he'd be under the coffee table.  No no no, in the great tradition of cats, he was rolling on my doona, my brand new white doona, the one with splashy colourful flowers interspersed with black paw prints and circles of dirt.  I was not in the mood at near midnight to be changing a king size doona so I went to bed and so did he, right in front of the fan blowing over him instead of me.  

Christmas presents still aren't wrapped.  Dear people, you will get them at some stage, honest.