Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Lace and a trace of leather

 I love watching a wedding dress show which is on really late but it's worth the laugh. Fat brides, really enormous brides with humongous boobs and then there are the really really big arses, for balance so they don't fall over from the big boobs. I can throw stones, I'm leader of this bunch but I would never choose a bridal dress with strapless top and something that tries to make out there's a waist under the boobs and above the bum. And they want it fairy tale pouffy with bling but it doesn't work because they walk like draught horses. If you're paying $15,000 for a dress then you must pay for a concrete corset to wear it properly, like stand up straight, no slouching and learn how to glide and no buying 6 inch heels if you're not used to them.  I always remember Sarah Ferguson clumping down the aisle like a race to the prize.  Strapless with boobs always needs a little something to soften the shoulders so you don't look like a Sumo wrestler.

I love this dress.  I love the blush pink colour under the gauze. I love the floaty sleeves and the lace and the V neckline.  The back is just as pretty with a long train of the flower lace gauze. Now think giant boobs practically sitting on the hips without that waist.  It's the kind of dress that could suit BIG. You have to imagine it, probably think about it for about an hour until the picture jells.

And forget the really overloaded perfume flowers like lilies unless you intend to have all the bridesmaids perfume co-ordinated with the flowers.  Never mind all the guests wearing different perfumes as well. The Bride supposed to be the standout with a gentle wafting perfume that follows her into the venue not gallops through the door 5 minutes before she does.

I bought  new cologne the other day, on special. Since I can't go anywhere I'm wearing to bed, makes my dreams sweeter. It had all the citrusy ingredients I love and since it was a man's cologne (it was cheap special) it also had a touch of leather. I couldn't think how the leather would go and how did leather smell anyway.  By the time it had worn down to the base notes, I could just get a faint whiff, like wearing a new watch or walking into a shoe shop, an expensive shoe shop with delicate matching handbags or fine leather gloves, not politically correct these days. Then the smell was gone and the citrus stayed on. 

So there are your blogger influences for today and it's free.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Just one more before they grow too much

 Clio looks like she can handle a spoon but Rylee thinks hands are faster.  Jobs are tough to find in Queensland like everywhere else but I would never like to see these two in danger because of Covid-19.

Colour me happy because I managed to do another self hair cut with no ears snipped and it is now my proper shade of red instead of half white, half red and looking like a stand up cockatoo crest.  Still having trouble with shoes though and I can't break my shoe horn because I can't get out to buy another half dozen. I've found it's easier to buy them in bulk.

The Covid lockdown in Melbourne is easing a bit. I can nominate one person to visit me and the curfew has been extended for another hour.  Dan Andrews has suggested for cafes to have tables on the footpath with car parking space being the new footpath. Some streets in the City might be closed and I am just waiting for the first person to start whinging about that. The Council rates are in and now I must remember that payment is on the last day of the month not the first day as it was last year.  I have postal notes all over the computer to remind me.

I'm now going to treat myself with strong black coffee with marshmallows on top. I can live without cafe coffee but probably not muffins.

Friday, September 11, 2020

How could I have forgotten her name

And I woke in the middle of the night and remembered. Here is the lovely Clio ready to be devoured by a giant Queensland plant.

 This is a Porg from the Last Jedi. He's fluffy and cute and the cat hates him. He beat him up. This is a one pet home even if the Porg is stuffed.

I don't have a name for him yet, I'm still thinking. 

Sunday, September 06, 2020

Mud Cake anyone?

 Bloody new blogger, can't work anything out.  I'll start with the bottom photo of Rylee who really does like Mud Cake. It appears she has trouble finding where her mouth is in that gorgeous face. And I am really lousy at remembering birthdays but I'm sure she turns one or two this month.  Time has begun to lose meaning this year. I thought I was very good keeping up with  my diary for the last two weeks until it turned out to be last two weeks of July. The Calendar didn't help since it was still on June.

The top photo is of a creek in Queensland (legal, they live there). Their Grandfather loved nothing better than to photograph creeks and waterfalls so I thought I would put this here for Fathers' Day.

Big sister Laura is at the top enjoying the rocks and water.  It looks really warm but the water is making me feel cold.  I won't mind being locked in for a while longer.  The North wind last week had my sinuses clogged with dust and I don't care what anyone said about it being warmer, it wasn't.

Now there is a new font size, sorry if you think you're going blind.