Friday, September 11, 2020

How could I have forgotten her name

And I woke in the middle of the night and remembered. Here is the lovely Clio ready to be devoured by a giant Queensland plant.

 This is a Porg from the Last Jedi. He's fluffy and cute and the cat hates him. He beat him up. This is a one pet home even if the Porg is stuffed.

I don't have a name for him yet, I'm still thinking. 


Anonymous said...

Clio looks lovely.

River said...

Clio is beautiful. You'll think of a name for Porgy in the middle of another night.

Beth Waltz said...

What a charming little girl, your Clio -- and what a spectacularly (almost alarmingly) large leaf! I follow the blogs of several fruit bat rescues in Australia and am often amazed at the exotic (to Midwestern USA eyes) flora and fauna that thrives in your part of the planet. One can envision Clio being unimpressed by our big, scary North American Wolf spider, much as the toddlers of Surinam regard any snake smaller than 4' in length as a toy.

JahTeh said...

She's going to be a stunner when she grows up. I've been told they speak beautifully because their mother and father talk to them all the time without any babyburble.

River, the damn cat beat him up again the other night. It's the reason all my tiny teddies are safely in a basket up high. Another punch up with the possum and I don't know who won but the pos jumped from the apple tree to the roof and I thought it would come through the ceiling.

Beth, that's my great granddaughter there. And I'm happy to say my ex-daughter in law is looking older than me, bitch queen of the universe she is. I looked up that spider, huge but ours are smaller and deadlier.


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