Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Storms again.

Apparently this will be us this afternnoon to late evening but not as bad as it will be in Adelaide all day. It was sunny this morning so I dragged both bins out knowing what happened yesterday.  Rain would be okay but not wind, I have the small bin filled with those rotten packing peanuts (biodegradable) but hideous to get rid of and so light if the bin does go over then it'll look like large floating hailstones.
But back to yesterday, off to the podiatrist in glorious sun at 11.30 but by 12.30 it dropped to freezing wind and rain and not a lick of sun anywhere. At 2.00 the sun re-appeared but the wind didn't warm up and I was lucky to get home before more rain.  Forecast is rain tomorrow, maybe on Friday but probably sunny on Saturday because it's the Football finals.

Our 'hard rubbish' collection is over for another year and I was restrained and dragged nothing home but I did covet some nice kitchen chairs up the street but too far for me to get them to my front yard.  
This year I have noticed something different, big 4x4 cars with large caged trailers full to the brim with anything and everything and COLLECTION AGENCY written on the doors.  I counted 6 of those in one day.  I've never seen so many 4x4s crawling up and down the street.  
The Council made it illegal a few years ago to go through and take whatever took one's fancy and we all ignored that.  It's the highlight of the year, watching garbage start at one end of the street and work its way up and down and considering that the Council doesn't bother to recycle, just throw in the back of the chomper and off to landfill, then dragging home a kitchen chair or two was in order.  But this year was bedlam. One of the neighbours told me that the kerb crawlers were putting a really good pile into their GPS to sneak back at night.  Even the walkers came back at night by torchlight, like I haven't done that myself, but to go through my pathetic little pile was a bit much.
The Collection Agency trucks  were scooping up everything. It wouldn't surprise me if next year there aren't drones flying the skies and reporting back to even bigger trucks.  Well, they missed mine last year with a sofa bed and huge lounge chair which was a shame since that went into the chomper truck when I really wanted a good home for them.
I did like the chairs, I always look for the chairs or a bookcase. It's a good thing that I don't drive, someone would have to remove the car keys from my clutched hand for the whole of collection week.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

One foot in front of the other.

I feel as though I've been waiting for this wave to dump on me for the past few months.
So I've been trying to wade to safety on shore using empty ice-cream cartons to keep
myself afloat.
I must be nearly there, no ice-cream in the freezer and Domino's shares are falling.
It seems to have been a long miserable winter.
Don't give up on me, I'll be back
in full glorious colour and thanks to  the ice-cream, in wide screen.

Meanwhile read the comments on my last post, written by the golden 
poet Lord Robbert of the Western Lands.