Wednesday, January 10, 2024

I'm back in the great land of Bloggers.

Four months in hospital, nearly lost a foot and half a leg. What a way to lose weight, down from 170kg to 110kg. Why don't I lose weight from the backside instead of the boobs and face and let's not talk about the bingo wings.

I've had to learn to  walk again.  That is frightening. Not to bad with a walker in front but between wooden rails with no safety net, eek then more eek when you have to walk sideways.  I am getting better but can't stand for any length of time and I''m not supposed to be on the computer.

All of you were in my thoughts.  My hair is now almost gone but I'm hoping it will decide to remember where it lives and come back.

I can never thank my nephew enough for looking after the Ice Bear. Riding his push bike morning and night to check the house and feed the wee beast. 

I must close now before I close my eyes and fall on the keyboard.  I will be back soon. Love to you all.

Saturday, February 25, 2023

Americans are strange people almost like Aliens.

I am getting better.  My hair is still a little balding but since it's turned snow white I can just brush the Ice Bear and stick his fur on my scalp. I found a home hair dresser and hair is cut, think Jamie Lee Curtis without the great figure.

I'm cooking my food, washing the clothes, feeding the cat and not going out the front door.

The memory is much better, concentration is getting sharper and I've graduated from the TV guide to reading novels even the boring autobiographies.  I make myself finish those but always have a thriller on the walker for when I start nodding off.  Some people you think would make a great book of their lives are the most boring ever.  And I know boring, a friend of my father's was the most boring person I've ever met. Honestly the man could Bore for Australia and win a gold medal if anyone was still awake.

I now have cataracts (hi River) but they are slow moving and I not only cannot afford to have them done at a private clinic, I'm chicken when it comes to not being asleep while sharp objects are roaming around my eyeball. My mission is to out read the mongrels.

I'm finding Christmas presents that were never sent and presents that I bought for myself.  Antikva finally received her 2018 gift box. Nephew never threw anything out, he just pushed all boxes against walls, down the hallway, under beds and all so the OT's couldn't say I had no room to move. In 2021 I had rails put in the bathroom, everywhere but not one of the OT mob thought it through, when hands are wet they slide on metal rails.

I am also making up my medication packs, on more thing nephew doesn't have to worry about. It gives him more time to stalk Chemist warehouses for Teena pants on special.  The difference can be up to $12 a box. I've also drummed it into him to grab the boxes, great for books for the Op Shop. As for pills, well I would love to slap a few doctors because I don't think they ever read about the side affects.  The diabetic tablets have about 15 or so and I have 7 of the side affects.  I was given Melatonin to help me sleep, that was five months ago. The big letters on the side of the box say, SHORT TERM USE ONLY.  I ditched those as they didn't help with sleep at all.  The cholesterol should be taken at night on any empty stomach, again big letters on the box. I don't have an empty stomach at night, I have one in the morning before breakfast so doesn't it seem better then.

Being unable to sleep well, I am watching world news and I say again, Americans are strange people. What a vile place to live if you are a woman. Sometimes I wander into their Twitter feeds and it is a sick lot of men leaving comments about what they want to do to women. That's what I mean about Aliens, they came here from a planet ruled benevolently by women who wouldn't let them smash, bash and trash their own planet.  Have a good look at them next time, they all look the same and speak the same and by the size, eat the same gigantic meals. 

Saturday, November 05, 2022

Hello, I'm still here.

 I am getting better. I can stand long enough to cook instead of raiding the cat food.

But still can't be on the computer for longer than 30 minutes or I'd need a front end loader to get me out of the chair.

Just re-read my discharge papers from Caulfield Brain Trauma Centre and I know I was quite looney but there is stuff in there that isn't true. They didn't keep my Doctor up to date with any treatment and he is pissed.

He kept telling them what was wrong with me but it got in the way of them using me as a lab rat. 

My 30 mins is nearly up.  The Internet has changed in the last 6 months and I couldn't even order a pizza today without opening an account.  I'm going to check the cat food.

Monday, February 14, 2022

30 Minutes really is painful so no way I'm watching 60 minutes.

 My foot is painful, backside is painful but the wound nurse and carers have been really terrific. Another 2 weeks should be fixed, please let it be fixed. 

I didn't think I would enjoy the Winter Olympics but I did. The thing called The Skeleton looked screaming, it was. It out screamed the Luge. No way I could I use either of them.  I really needed a dictionary for most of the ski stuff.

Of course, my favourite came on after the 30 minute stand up and walk. Ice dance, just fantastic and I would have to put that on my list of "never do this".

Present arrived this morning from a stranger.  Best Daffy Duck tie ever. Pure silk and made in Italy, brilliant yellow, dated 1997 which makes it almost an antique. I have never seen  one of this pattern before. Neither have I seen a choc Koala full of star sweeties. I'll have to look for this.

I think I'll put the fan on and cool off. It will go on me since Bear managed to throw up this morning, on the carpet. I can't bend over with a brush so I've left white powder, at least I won't stand on it.

Monday, January 24, 2022

Gone but never forgotten.

 My sister has died after being in a coma.  She went as she wanted, quietly with no fuss. I thought I would put a rose here for her but this reminded me more of what we where like as children.  The Ninety Mile Beach in Victoria where it was hot as hell struggling up those damn sand dunes but once at the top, the wind from the ocean gave us an instant freeze. No matter which way we wandered along the waves, coming back it was always straight into the hot sand.  It's a calm photo and I hope she's looking at it and remembering the good times.

Thanks to her friend who held her hand until the last. Thanks to the girls at the Palliative Care Home.