Wednesday, January 10, 2024

I'm back in the great land of Bloggers.

Four months in hospital, nearly lost a foot and half a leg. What a way to lose weight, down from 170kg to 110kg. Why don't I lose weight from the backside instead of the boobs and face and let's not talk about the bingo wings.

I've had to learn to  walk again.  That is frightening. Not to bad with a walker in front but between wooden rails with no safety net, eek then more eek when you have to walk sideways.  I am getting better but can't stand for any length of time and I''m not supposed to be on the computer.

All of you were in my thoughts.  My hair is now almost gone but I'm hoping it will decide to remember where it lives and come back.

I can never thank my nephew enough for looking after the Ice Bear. Riding his push bike morning and night to check the house and feed the wee beast. 

I must close now before I close my eyes and fall on the keyboard.  I will be back soon. Love to you all.