Sunday, November 21, 2021

What happened to spring?

 This is something I didn't know but I'll try to remember it for next year. Those were the days when I could cover the bod with a string of flowers now I'd need a couple of hedges.

Still cold in November so I'm still falling asleep in front of the tv during one program and waking up in the middle of another, makes for some interesting lessons.  I've never eaten Abalone but I now know that it costs a fortune to buy, there are greenlip or blacklip Aba's. They are actually an underwater snail and if you cut them they can bleed to death.  They like to live in S.A. in the same ocean as the great white shark which makes life interesting for people in wet suits trying to make a fortune harvesting Aba's. They were even more nervous in the show I watched because a pod of killer whales - NO, they're ORCAs, you know the big black and white ones. The pod turned up and chewed up a great white shark so the sharks pissed off for a week or so.  Very nervy when you know they live here but can't see a fin but can see your money disappearing.  I know I wouldn't be wearing a black wet suit, too much like a seal but there must be a rainbow suit I could buy that has "Orcas are my friends" printed on the back and I'd want a very big boat.

Christmas is coming closer in case you have forgotten.   

Monday, November 01, 2021

Christmas is almost here.

 I always take it as soon as Melbourne Cup is run, it's almost Christmas.  My sister looks as though she will make it to 2022 and her decision was the right one. With the cancer diagnosed in June she would have had a rotten operation and just be finishing chemo now.  She'd have been in pain, in bed most of the time and not much fun but all she's had is fatigue, no pain, having a doctor that believes in a no pain treatment.

Her painting has gone by the way so my gift of Shaun the sheep and Bitzer isn't finished but she tried.  She rang this morning and all I could hear in the background were birds. She is training them to eat off wooden board instead of the patio table and so far it's working. Her favourite Currawong got very impatient when breakfast was late because of the table cleaning. He threw a bird tantrum, stomped up and down the table and when that didn't work, decided on a pity approach, wandering the table with a leg dragging behind him. She gave up after that and fed him.

I am glad that I can see a blue sky for once. I still have no shoes to fit. I'm still trying to clean up.  I have 7 bookcases which have to be whittled down to 4. I'm getting very ruthless about filling the op shop boxes, keeping only the big reference jewellery books and novels I know I'll enjoy reading again. The couch is piled high with patchwork fabric which I'm going through and getting rid of the fabrics I don't like, only 4 in the op box, I love cottons. In the patchwork world some would be considered antique. The only thing better than playing with fabric is playing with beads but I'll be lost forever if I start doing that.

Say a prayer for my ears, I'm going now to cut my hair. I'm past caring what it looks like as long as it's not long.