Sunday, July 29, 2018

Nearing one of the biggies

I like this, very Art Deco but as long as it isn't chocolate mud cake inside. I really like fruit cake and marzipan icing covered with delicious fondant icing.  Don't forget the booze.  An aged sherry would go well.

 Aquamarine and diamonds.   Doesn't it look like the sea and sparkling waves. Now I'm not greedy but if you could just manage to buy a ring to match, I'd be very happy.  Earrings would definitely be an overload.


A rose in any shape or form is something I love but a sponge cake with a hidden centre of rose jelly and cream, divine. I'd share it, promise.  Or maybe make it small and we could have one each, tea or coffee, of course not, sparkling Rose in crystal flutes.

Thank Annie O'Dyne for finding my lost sculpture, so me when I had long hair but short hair makes it easier these days.  That cat belonged to the artist and is not my precious Ice Bear.  I'd have had to nail his feet to the floor to put a bow around his neck.