Thursday, October 17, 2019

I wish spring would make up its mind, cold or warm

A very good saying especially for someone with a volcanic temper and a wicked back hander with a geologist's pick.

This morning I was woken up by the cat who roared into my ear while staring at my eyes. No kibble since Sunday but it's being delivered this morning, I've told him that several times. It's not like he couldn't live off his fat until Christmas but a cat of habit demands that all bowls be filled, for snacking, all day, every day.  He took his own photo the other night trying to knock the camera out of my hand so as soon as I remember how to do it, I'll post it here.

Still no computer chair, no table up either.  I can't even get the table parts out of the box and couldn't move the chair box.  I need an all round handy man and yes Highriser I am looking at you.  You'll even get paid. I need new taps in the bathroom and a handheld shower spray. Put up the chair, put up the table, put the passage door back up. I found out the hard way that does take two people.  Plus an hour or two at the big green shed, I need a cheap chandelier, a light for the kitchen since one fluro globe is going and I put the pantry light on so I won't set fire to the tea towell, again.  Steel hand rails at the back steps, hand rail in the shower but I might need an expert for those. I'm sure there are several more things on the list.  It doesn't need to be done in one day but if you are passing the house, please come and put my chair together. 

I'm thinking of shutting down my Facebook.  Daughter in law is shutting hers down so I won't be able to get any more photos of my girls. I never have liked Facebook, it just didn't make sense to me. I am looking into Instagram as long as I don't have to use mine, I still shake when I take a photo.

I will get around to answering all comments but I haven't been the best. I'm waiting for Karma to do its work.
Bank scam is working overtime so be careful. Their mistake was in telling me $2000 was taking from my credit card which is not an amount I'll ever see again on any credit card. He recovered quickly and said it was my debit card and the amount was $20. I told him to give it up and find someone who wasn't a poor pensioner.

I'm not that poor that I couldn't pay a handyman though.

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Still no chair and no table and one fall.

I want this, really really want this.  The colour is just right and diamonds set in platinum.

Now for the grouching.  Bloody Google wouldn't let me have my photos for the blog unless I signed in.  What is going on with all this rubbish of changing passwords, signing in for everything and half my photos in a cloud somewhere.  Blogger used to be so easy and no, I refuse to go any higher than 8.1, in fact I'd go back to Explorer if I could. At least I have not bothered you with advertising which is  why I never have anything to say on Facebook.

I'm uncomfortable in this stupid chair.  After spending nearly 6 weeks with a walking stick and more pain killers than Liz Taylor, I finally could walk without hurting on that left hip only to pick up the phone for the bathroom and a long shower and fall over. Guess which side I fell on, no don't bother, the left hip but it didn't hurt.  It didn't hurt when the ambos came, didn't hurt walking or sitting in my chair.  I felt like dancing with scummo and talking in tongues at the miracle.  They wanted to take me to hospital and I said absolutely not, my sister is a nurse and she'll come if I need anything.  This was Thursday and I finally rang her on Saturday to find out she was home in Queensland. She'd left on Thursday without a goodbye.  Well she'd been here a week, spent two hours with me, bought lunch and left.

I am a family of one and a half or two if you count the size of the cat.  I haven't left the house nearly all winter even for the letter box.  I'll be okay when sunshine and spring really decides to stay, not this coming and going and warming and freezing.  I'm used to anxiety but this year it's ramped up to anxiety on steroids.  There have been days when I haven't moved from my chair in front of the fire.  This week has been big, two huge bags went off to the op-shop, taken by a friend over from Tasmania. And the nephew still hasn't turned up to do the chair and the table but someone from Tassie did help out.
Best of all she turned up with hot fish and chips for lunch. 

And friends, I have found most of your last year's Christmas presents.  I'll be sending them as early for this year. Chair has started to grow teeth and pain is following. The only thing that is giving me reason for life is seeing the Big Orange get impeached.  I would like to go back in time and give the LNP free tickets on the Titanic but the ocean is in enough trouble without throwing that toxic muck into it.  Must go now, this old drug addict is needing Panamax.  Mmm, mustn't forget to put Kerrie Ann Kennerly on the Titanic as well after her genius comment about using protesters as speed humps. I hope her face job cracks.