Monday, November 30, 2020

Hurting so I'm sorry for people who hurt all the time

 Since the end of September my joints, knees, shoulders and elbows have decided to hurt.

I thought it was just arthritis and getting old and I would get used to it.  I'm not getting used to it. I shuffle and try to do normal walking and picking up stuff but I am terrified of falling over.  At least I've come down from two walking sticks to one to none and I'm sure that leaning on sticks didn't do the shoulders any good.

I refuse to acknowledge I have depression, that would really make me depressed. I do have anxiety, a gift given to me as a child, one of those gifts once given never leaves. I know my friends all have pain of some kind and all of us wouldn't make one whole healthy person so we shut up and stagger on. Well I was sick of doing that so I had a good howl the other day and felt better for an hour.

I'm now trying to get in the shower but there's no-one home, only my 80 year old neighbour and I'm terrified of falling. And no I'm not getting one of those alarm things because I'd fret and worry about pressing the button every morning.  I think I'll have a cuppa and a biscuit and sit for a while. 

I wish they'd stuff Black Friday sales which will lead into Christmas sales and hideous carols. I can't even buy Ice Bear a present, five minutes and he's bored. Can't figure out why cats shred toilet paper and look like they're having fun. I tried that and he just put his head on it and went to sleep.

Okay, tea and biscuit, I'll do that first then all that other stuff.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Some men should be deleted for good.

I've removed the photos of my girls after the arrests of the disgusting ring of Pedos in Australia. I know my blog is only a small one with not many readers but I'm not taking any chances.

I'll be back soon. Almost broke a knee and still in pain but the Doc says to rest but get up and walk every half hour. It should be an hour since the first half is whining, screaming and moaning.

Pathology coming at 8 tomorrow morning to take a gallon of blood. Love that before breakfast.