Saturday, January 10, 2015

Not another happening, please.

Okay, the hose held, just so the washing is done for the moment.

I decided to go to bed early and pass out.

The usual routine of teeth cleaning is usually routine but not when I bend down to fill the glass and I'm face to face with a freeking skink.

I'm beginning to believe that an alternate universe is leaking into my house.

How would a skink get into my bathroom? I haven't been able to open the window since the screen fell off outside. 

Perhaps it was friends with the spider swinging in the air from the lounge room down light.  I watched him climb up into the light well and I told him not to do it, very quietly, but he did. Fried himself like the Greek kid with the wax wings and will be swinging for eternity.

I barely survive life, wild life could do me in.

Friday, January 09, 2015

I'm still here.

I've really started the year well by writing in my diary a day behind myself or a day in front of what I did. It's like Daylight saving, I can never figure that out either.
Mother is still with us.
I haven't pushed the on button for the treadmill.
I did vac 4 square feet of the carpet but only for the newly upholstered chair.
The chair looks great but it's killing me. The cushion is heavy duty so I feel as though I'm a pimple on a pumpkin but given that I was sitting on a broken spring practically on the floor then I should stop whinging.
The cat loves the chair because it's high enough for him to see out of the window.
South East Water had to repair a water main in the street yesterday but forgot to tell us.
Today the laundry is awash because the pressure of returning water did in the hose for the washing machine.  I have washing to do and a bucket under the tap hose which I've tightened as much as possible. Wish me luck.
The BOH has just had his fourth plaster put on his arm.  The cracks were spreading but a scan showed he didn't need surgery.  Craperlink have been such a help, sending a letter on the 31st telling him to reply by the 31st which didn't arrive until January.
My sister has bought a new ritzy couch with a recliner at one end and a chaise at the other.
It's good news for me, I get her coffee table with the leadlight glass inserts and the toe breaking legs.
Mother is still with us.