Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Now this is a fountain.

I love this fountain and I want it in my garden.  A nice deck chair or something more sturdy for me and I could sit and meditate on the splashing of the water especially with the sun behind, making little rainbows for my wishes. It came from the imagination of Malgorzata Chodakowska.

A lot has happened at the Home which we are now referring to as Mushroom House, keeping us in the dark and feeding us bullshit.  With 2 days warning the kitchen was turned over to an American hospitality company, our tea ladies were fired but the favourite chef was kept on because they couldn't find anyone who would work Sunday/Monday for the same amount of money.  I was not offered a cup of tea  yesterday so from now on I'll take my own cup and tea bag and ask for hot water.
The one thing they have re-installed is for the relatives to have a meal with their husbands or wives, cost of $5.  This is great for the men who usually go home and don't bother eating properly.

Now we just wait to see if they tell us the facility has also been sold to an American company.  A certain mother's Doc received a letter saying his arrangement with the Council Aged Care Group would not be continued did not go down well.  He is my mother's personal doctor and the inference was that she would have to use the doctor that will go with the big new Aged Care Centre which isn't built yet.  He was busy yesterday drafting a reply that will probably blister paint.  After searching for anything regarding the sale on line, I came across a small article that mentions the land being decontaminated  since it was used as the Council Depot for Everything.  That company walked away with $1.1 million dollars.  They should have decontaminated a few Councillors for that amount.

The hard rubbish collection took no prisoners this year.  Usually they have a variety of trucks for small, medium and large but this time a huge behemoth on wheels went down one side of the street and up the other and ate everything even my sofa bed with the steel frame.  The nature strips looked as though nothing had ever been on the grass, I've never seen a collection like it, gone in 60 seconds.
Most of the neighbours didn't put out until the weekend which didn't give much time for us to have a look and make a midnight run.  It seemed the gutter crawlers were only interested in scrap metal this year.  I was very good but I'm still crying for the cupboard across the road and the hat rack around the corner.  
And I really wanted two chairs to try and make this bench, just right for meditating near a fountain. There's always next year.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hard rubbish, I don't haz it

This is going to be me tomorrow morning after I take every pain killer in the house over the next 12 hours.
I wish I could show you a photo of the hard rubbish collection but it would have meant walking back to the house for the camera and back again.  Way too far.
Even too far to check out a nice looking cupboard across the road that the junk crawlers haven't touched.  It would paint up very nicely.  I'm being strong this year, all goings, no comings.
With all the raining this week I didn't want the sofa bed and the big lounge chair sitting out there going mouldy and Thursday was out because it was bin day.  I nearly broke every bone in my body as it was staggering out in the dark and rain with stupid bins and they weren't emptied until nearly 5 next day.
The Home was Friday and I was late home.
So Saturday, morning was sunny and I'd already hauled the sewing machine out into the lounge.
Checked the sofa and remembered to turn in on its back to go through the door.  Problem, last time I moved it there wasn't a bookcase there. 
Books are lovely in neat rows in bookcases. Books are a nightmare when they are taken out but I did have two candy striped bags ready.  Forgot how heavy books are even in bags.  Bookcase dragged to the other side of the room along with every other bit of rubbish in there.
But the sofa bed slipped along the carpet nicely and cleared the door, both doors with room to spare.
The lounge chair didn't look as big when I removed the cushions so that went out first. 
Will I wait until the BOH turns up or be Wonder Woman and get it to the nature strip.  No problem I just rolled it, as much as one can roll a square chair.  There was a bit of clunking but I did it. I found the cushions more of a nuisance.
Next, sofa bed but this time I thought I would leave it on the porch.  Him next door came in and apologized because he'd been away for a week and hadn't been in to help. BOH turns up on his way to OfficeWorks so he was instructed to buy cardboard boxes to clean up his car parts in the car port.
Old window blinds went out.  Then his mate spotted the sewing machine which I'd just taken out of the old treadle machine housing.  BOH spotted it as well and it will be on ebay sometime next week.
Now if I can just get him to take away the treadle plate and wheel I'll have more room for my feet.
It was a wrench because I'd made all my baby clothes on that machine but on top is my old Myer machine, solid steel, none of this plastic rubbish.  Everytime I move it I'm moving two steel machines and I'm getting past that.
I still have the treadmill.  Even looking at it gives me pain up to the kneecaps.  Somewhere, someone is desperate for a treadmill and I hope they find each other one day.
Now I'm going to order pizza for tea, have a hot shower and take painkillers.  Maybe  I should insert, put rest of books back in bookcase.  One shelf is done and only because I am putting them in sections this time, fantasy, crime, autobiography and crap, why on earth made me buy you.
Tomorrow the boxes of jewellery and beads are leaving the lounge room for their new home.

Of course you know what's going to happen, all this space, room to move, I'm sure to fall a over t.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Computer fixed but not politics

I just love a family gathering for the camera.  Is that a microphone I see hanging like the 'Sword of Damocles' over the little group?

Considering that Dutton was gaffing with Morrison and Abbott, we'd have enough dirt to fill in half of Canberra's lovely lake for a new refugee camp.

Wait for their new film, "Carry on up the Canberra", a comedy with subtitles that bear no relation to the words they're actually speaking.
A LNP production financed by truckloads of bullshit.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

I'll be back

Goodbye Windows 10.

Hello Windows 8.1 - again.

I'm sorry I abused you so often and wished you were XP (I still do).