Tuesday, May 26, 2020

I'm alive but winter is coming.

I'm back and can't imagine where May went when I wasn't looking.  I'm used to S.A.D. in winter and usually get out for enough sunshine before but not this year. It's been too cold and my bones don't function too well in cold. I couldn't even blog, brain had nothing in it so I wandered through ebay looking for something pretty but useless to cheer my self up.  And there is nothing quite so useless as a tiara but this was so pretty.  No doubt it will be covered with cobwebs by the time I dress one of dolls to wear it.

I did buy two lovely dining chairs, the very ones I wanted when I first started looking and a nice little chest of drawers.

The top is the same colour as the drawers, just the light from the camera. It is a really nice piece of furniture but what I really loved was the depth of the drawers, 47cm. A great size for scarves to lay out flat. I wasn't thinking about cupboards or drawers until I smacked my knee on the pine box that holds all my Christmas ornaments at the foot of the bed. Nothing like searing pain in the middle of the night.

Since my sister doesn't read this blog I feel safe with this photo.  Yeppoon had an enormous hailstorm last month and she had to run up from the lower flat to check on dear old Mary who hadn't noticed any storm. The height of fashion for Queensland, leopard skin wrap and a cereal box so the hail didn't crack her skull. At first I didn't notice she'd cut a square in the box and wondered how she could see to get up the stairs.  The back yard was covered in huge hail, I've never seen it that big in Melbourne.
She rang last week to tell me it was warmer in Melbourne than in Qld.

Following the rules, I haven't been out unless to the letter box. We have blue sky this afternoon but when I opened the front door I copped a lung full of chilled air that started the coughing and my eyes watering.  Whatever is in the letterbox can take its chances with the snails.  I think it's going to be a long winter.