Monday, February 04, 2019

More trouble.

Unbelievable Monday.

I rang to make the appointment at the main Cemetary and they have no record of me owning the family grave.  
Apparently  there was a new mob take over and papers have gone missing.
Fortunately or unfortunately I only have my handwritten letters (no computer then) for the relo's to copy out and no Stat Dec anywhere.  That was in July 2000 when I found out ownership could be transferred to another member of the family.
I can't bury mother until it's sorted.
I can't close the bank accounts because Centrelink hasn't confirmed the last payment is legal.
The Death Certificate hasn't arrrived.

I have a nervous twitch in one eye that just won't stop.
I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and panicked because there was no time in the morning, idiot me, I don't have to have one in the morning to rush down to the Home for the afternoon.
I have an appointment on Thursday for the Cemetary to sort out the missing paperwork and thanks to my hoarding I still have the receipts for the grave and the plaques from 1996.

I'm really going to have to start drinking.

Sunday, February 03, 2019

Its not finished yet and she's still in the wardrobe.

First a lolcat. If I tried to do this with my cat the room would be trashed and as for a num-num spoon, he does have one absolute essential. He won't drink water if it's not in his blue 'Frozen' bowl with Olav on the bottom.

We have been promised a thunderstorm tonight and cool rain tomorrow.  I walked to the shop for coffee and a paper at 8.30 and it was like walking in hot sun at midday. Not a cloud in the sky and thank goodness for the one person in the street who has a low fence where I can gather my resources for the last part of the trek.  I have not been a sporty type since I could stand on my own two feet and 70 years on I haven't changed. On top of my greatest invention list is the tv remote control, without that I'd probably break a leg getting to the turn off button every time a poncy politician hits the screen.

I am still waiting for Centrelink to send a letter telling me the last payment is mine and that will pay for the grave plaque. Next week I'll make an appointment with one cemetary to organize the other cemetary for the interment and since I'll be the one bringing mum I can suit myself as to what time.  I can photograph the grave at the same time for the stonemason. This is why I refuse to rush into things these days.  It's important to bury her but the plaque can wait a bit longer and so can my sister.

She can't understand why everything isn't finished yet. She must be desperate, she gave me her bank account number, put in money asap.  I'll run around in the stinking heat while you paddle in the pool in 28 degrees with a sea breeze. They haven't even had any flood waters or rain and I was really hoping for a crocodile in the pool.  

And as hot as it is I'm glad I'm not in Chicago.  For the last few years  I have encouraged Elephant's Child to go out in the freezing weather in Canberra and blow soap bubbles to freeze them.  She had a good success last year but Chicago is the place. I watched the news as bubbles were blown and froze in mid-air in gorgeous patterns. I  also watched buckets of water thrown and frozen before it hit the ground. A complete waste unless a politician was standing right in front of the bucket. 

I think I'll gather my strength and fix some ice coffee, and I'll have one for all of you as well.