Thursday, September 12, 2019

Vive le Revolution, please!

It's RUOK day or some such rubbish. No I'm not. How can anybody in this country be ok with that disgusting LNP lying about little children, wanting to make sure the poor get poorer and the entire House of Reps completely without a brain between them.  I tell you if they had to pee in a cup for a drug test it would take four of them. One to make sure the door was shut, one to hold the cup, one to pee and one to hold the instrument of piss so the no balls wouldn't get wet.
One really tries not to hate, it's unproductive but this country at the moment is generating such a degree of hate and bile that you might as well give in and enjoy the thought of Cuntton falling down a steep cliff into a floating tribe of Great Whites. I'm not apologizing for the language either, I've reached the age where I can do anything I want so I think I'll have something fattening for dinner.
It's also annoying me that I'm still two legs of a five legged computer chair.  I remember the time when you bought a chair and it arrived standing up, not lolling about in a box waiting for attention.
Nephew will be here at the weekend but chair has to take seconds behind dragging the huge desk out for hard rubbish collection.  New table is also lolling about in a box. Sneaky Council didn't give us much notice this year and I haven't yet cleared the top which is full of rubbish, most of which belonged to mother.  Her stuff still keeps turning up to annoy me, I opened a box the other day to find two brand new pairs of socks and they weren't cheap when I bought them. How the hell she managed to shove them in a box so small it would be lucky to house a cockroach I don't know.
Be back on a lux chair by Monday.