Sunday, March 25, 2018

Mercury retrograde and I stop spending. Will the economy survive?

I remember looking at these about 4 years ago and filed a few photos away for all those odd brooches this house floats on.  Now they are all the rage either mounted on polystrene balls or special wire holders.
 It's why I've been trawling through ebay looking at the goodies on offer and looking at the quality and low prices.  Four years ago cheap meant cheap but now it's quite different.
I have that large bow and paid quite a bit for it about 8 years ago but worth it.  Of course one needs a large verandah for support so it's definitely a winter dress brooch.  It looks fantastic on anything I wear but everything looks fabulous on me. I was always dressed up when I visited Mother at the Home but these days, 10 years on I'm lucky to remember my knickers.
 My credit card is cringing as I work out how many of these brooches I have stored away in glass cases. I can see three of these on this wedding bouquet.
I wish I had had something like this at my wedding preferably loaded with a brick which I'd have used on the Bridal party to bring them into line.
 See those two pearlescent flowers in the front, $1 each and my mother wouldn't give them away, she wears them both.  Like all craft, it looks easy to make but takes patience and swearing but at least they don't droop in hot weather and would make a nice heirloom.
My favourite and I would love to make it now as a wall hanging.  It would be okay since fatso cat never raises a paw more than an inch from the ground.
My wish lists are full until Mercury behaves itself.  Before I start on anything like this, there is still an enormous Christmas tree to be assembled out of the ?????? Christmas brooches I have waiting.  That would have been done if the Nephew had sawn a straight line instead of being 2mm out on one corner.  

Boo to Malcolm the Miserable for the GST he's planning to put on overseas buying from ebay.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

I am a comsumer of pretties

 I have a set of china mugs, 2 pink, 2 aqua and 2 white, gold edged and painted with Peonie roses.  I haven't used them in 3 years but I thought this spoon in each one would set them off in the crystal cabinet.

And while I was trawling through ebay I found this lovely Swarovski Princess brooch.  I have bought from this company before, a long pearl drop studded with tiny crystals and I bought the earring to match even though they were for pierced ears.  I had fittings, tiny and believe me they had to be tiny for the earrings and I converted them in a flash.  So this brooch is not for me but for Mothers Day and Mother.  She'll love it. 

This photo doesn't quite show the Swarovski sparkle but I loved the cut of the stone for the skirt.
I now have to stop shopping for pretties, the sales are over and the new stock has gone up in price but I have done well with only three to take apart for the stones because they were so badly made even I couldn't fix them.

I'm taking a break from Mother

Saw Doc Marvin yesterday and I am sick, lung rot is still there although down to budgie whistling level when I breath not the entire aviary I could hear two weeks ago. I'll be out today for scripts and maybe it will clear it up for good. I didn't look too good, forgot to comb my hair but did hairspray it, Bobo the clown, think about it.

As for the blood pressure, he wouldn't tell me what it was but I know it's high.
When I get swish swish boom boom in my ear drums I know it's high.

My mental state is still hovering on the red line to full break down.  His advice was to stop, just stop. Leave Mother to him, forget sister, forget Centrelink and definitely forget the Home for at least a week or more if I can get away with it.
The idea is rest even if I do sit in the chair and an hour goes by without me knowing it. I do ring her twice a day that's enough.  I'm really tired of going down there even though I'm rushed by everyone when I do turn up, something to do with raucous laughter and the place having life for a couple of hours.

I know when I really need help.  Yesterday I wanted baked beans and crisp bacon for breakfast so I zapped the beans in the micro wave. Cut off the fat and rind for the magpies and mixed it with odds and ends from the fridge and seed.
Sizzled the bacon on with the beans and whole grain toast all the time thinking about what I had to do including feeding the cat.  Wandered out and feed the Maggie family, feed cat on the way to my breakfast, just in time for my Lady Grey tea to add to enjoyment.  Yes the enjoyment, a bowl of birdseed and bacon rinds while the feathered mongrels chortled and fought over baked beans and crisp bacon.  I almost cried.  An egg on toast and another pot of Lady Grey unfortunately brain was still not in gear and I missed the pan and splonk on the floor. Best way to clean up splonked egg is to cover it with salt and let dry then scoop it up. Back to toast with Lady Grey.

 Sister is now going to Qld after Easter and Commonwealth Games.  She is practicing hard to become a member of the Northern Bogan Tribes.  Shopping last week and the wheel came off her jeepy thing and she had a full load so nipped into the nearest shop and bought a new one, transferred the load and then hid the broken one in the bushes.  There is an op shop in Mentone and she could have dropped it in there.  I just shut up. 

I'm expecting two parcels then I'm off to Southland for scripts and a quick visit to Mother.  I'll take her cake, that always shuts her up and I've bought her a lovely brooch for Mother's Day.  Long way off but if I don't do it now, I'll be wrapping a brick instead.

So shop today, do one heavy thing tomorrow then nothing except wash the dishes or finish the drafts I have half completed that is I've saved the photos but can't find the notes.  I might even get to those Christmas in July presents. See that's how you rest, just think about what to do and go to sleep in the chair.