Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Bits I'd forgotten

Cheap T-shirt, odd buttons and voila, fashion.  I don't like the colours but a pale shade with pearl buttons would be lovely even a purple T with gold odd buttons  would look great. Actually looking at it now, I really hate the buttons and the colours so I must have filed it for the idea. 

Elephant's Child this is for you. I present Star Paws with helmet and Darth Vadar eyes. The owner either has a patient cat or ended up nursing shredded arms. I know which one you'd have.

And for me a dress, sparkly dress.  By this time I bet every female would love a new dress but we still have  nowhere to go.  I'd have to wear a corset, my boobs don't hold as high as that anymore and knowing me I'd probably step on the front hem and bring the whole lot down.  It does match my red hair and my imaginary age and weight.  That doesn't sound crazy, children have imaginary friends, I have imaginary age and weight.

More covid-19 breakouts but the teams have now traced the pockets to the suburbs and it's mainly family get togethers.  I wish they would stop showing that awful footballer clearing both nostrils with his fingers then grabbing and passing the football. Yes, he is Covid Positive. Stupid coach said he was a little warm one day then raging temperature the next but was still training with the team. Now all teams of all football are running around to find a home ground well away from Melbourne. Excellent in my book, let them stay there.
Same with Trump's team for his big rally, 6 definite Covid with another 2 on the way. I wonder if he made them walk home. He certainly didn't look the same man walking away from the helicopter, tie undone and his hair gerbil askew.
Two more schools shut here for deep cleaning and I wouldn't be sending the children back but some women don't have a choice, thank you Chief Creep Minister for knocking off the free ChildCare. 
Since Parliament still isn't sitting, all Parliament salaries should be put into ChildCare where it would do a lot of good.  Now all we have to do is wait for the Eden-Monaro by- election and see what people think of the LNP but apparently the "pork barrels" have been rolling into the electorate. I want to see his miserable face the day after the candidate goes down the gutter.  

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Stupid Government

Now I hope you have all watched the previous video, if I've managed to get it right.
I forgot to post with it so it we go.

Prof. Wood and his collegues  (bugger spelling) based their hand held machine on the tri-corder from StarTrek.  It has taken them years to get it perfected mainly for Malaria but it can also be configured for different diseases and virus infections. It could have been at the gangplank of the Ruby Princess plague ship and every passenger and crew member would have been tested. How much money would have been saved, how many lives saved.
So why wasn't this on hand after so much research and work had been put into it? This Government's ignorance of any kind of science and non-belief of practical science, after all the machine doesn't do happy-clappy.  The scientists did their own work, taught Phd students, taught classes and most tiring of all, wrote Grants. Hours of begging for money to keep going.  It's really a shame that they couldn't disguise it as a football clubhouse or a statue of Captain Cook.

So watch the video, take notice of the Malaria deaths because as our climate changes, mosquitos will be moving south and coming for fresh blood. DDT was touted as the best killer of mozzies but it also killed off the bugs that ate them and didn't do much for our health either. And the malaria parasite would just look around and find another vector for it's particular life cycle and on it would go.

Every Government should not have just one Minister for Science, it should have at least one Minister and 20 minions to do the leg work and investigate every invention that might save us from another pandemic. Forget the Border Force, as we've seen, a bullet won't kill a virus but a good Medical Border Force in every port will do a better job.

And just to make you really happy, a programme on tonight said that some sharks could live for 400 years. All I could think of was Dutton and Morrisson floating around our Parliament for 400 years, frightening. 

I hope I have posted this without a mistake

Monday, June 08, 2020

I love it when a dream comes true.

I knew if I looked long enough I would find the right chairs.  I only needed two and my upholsterer tells my these are not reproduction but the real deal.  I was going to cover them in the same regency stripe but it was a bit bright so I wandered over to Bangkok Thai Silk and found this pattern which I already had in strawberry and gold but that was too bright. Like Goldilocks, cinnamon and gold was just right.  It went with the mahogany wood and was the softer shade I wanted.  How well you know me, the fabric cost more than the chairs did but better to have more than not enough and I will have enough to cover the piano stool and maybe a table runner. 

The pattern in pale blue is also beautiful but not the pink, too lolly.  Another decision is to say goodbye to the $25 lounge chair after I remove the lovely feet and have them put on the new/old squashy comfortable couch. In the two years I've had that chair I have sat in it twice, it's comfortable for reading but I can't get out of it without feeling like I'm going to break the chair or me.

That's the only happy news I have.  There is nothing I can say about the Queen's Birthday Boot lickers list except for Marcia Langton, a good woman.  The fire fighters Morrison wouldn't meet and the scientists Morrison would listen too should all get medals. The Crime Minister and his cronies should get the boot.

It's a little early for Christmas but I didn't want to miss this Christmas Mouse.  Put cleaning out the Christmas box of ornaments on my "To Do" list.  
2.30 and the afternoon freeze is approaching, too late to go walking.  Every morning the same, open front door, take a deep breath and start coughing, bloody cold air.