Monday, August 09, 2021

Don't nag, I know how long it's been!


These are made especially for lockdowns, sorry for anyone with dogs  who will feel guilty.  Plenty of room for ice and gin.

Since it's now August, I guess I must have fallen over again since the last post. It was the cat's fault. I was leaning  over to put down his breakfast on his tray and he bumped my legs and splatt I went into the cat food, water dish and kibble bowl. I was in the kitchen so nothing to get a grip on the tiled floor so I did my python imitation and eventually hit the carpet and phoned the ambo's for the usual pick up.

I could have been used as a teaching aide for a forensic class. I was covered in cat breakfast, fur, kitchen floor rubbish, carpet fibres and several unidentified bits. Only 20 minutes for my helpers, 5 to pump up the rubber cushion and 1 to drop in my chair. No thank you, no hospital for me, didn't hit my head. realized later I had lifted a big toenail trying to get a grip but it wasn't hurting. Ambos adored the cat, little crawler. They suggested I get something a little higher for his bowls so I didn't have to bend as much. Oh hardy ha! This is a cat that eats all his food from one side of the bowl and sits and waits for me to turn it round so he can eat the rest.  As for the toe, it would have been okay except I caught it in a hole in the carpet, looked down and damn blood again, threw a tissue on it and fixed it later.  It fell off last week as toe nails do without any trouble except I stepped back to pick it up and stood on it. Out comes the equipment again and I plucked it out of the sole of my foot.

I am done with my granddaughters after the ridiculous Freedom marches which they were fully into. No good talking to them about science, they have been brainwashed. They told me they had done their research on everything but lost me when they said Covid was a hoax. I won't go into any more on that or the creepy bots that trawl blogs may find me. Back to re-doing the Will which I have had since January 2020.  I would go to the solicitor's but I don't have one pair of shoes that will fit me. I'll have to do a bit of chopping and hacking but my new walker will not fit in the cab so we go in circles.

The really rotten news that hit me like a brick was a call from my younger sister who has been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. She was given the choices about what to do but having been a nurse, she said no treatment except pain killers.  At the moment she is feeling okay. She rang last week, smoking a cig and drinking a can and enjoying both. She's left off those when she went to Qld, but she watches what she eats. In a small window, her son and family managed to visit and see her looking well.  She had fun with her grandson and had a long talk with her son and calmed him down. No funeral, her ashes to be sprinkled in a little creek at Ferntree Gully where she played as a kid. I haven't said anything but at some time in the future I will have a small plaque put on the family grave. 

As Annie O'Dyne always said, you have to be tough to get through old age and that's after I realized I am old and aged.