Friday, March 31, 2017

Totally me.

You're the sage! According to Carl Jung, the sage represents wisdom and the search for truth. You are wise beyong your years, patient and a deep thinker. You're driven by a thirst for knowledge. One of your greatest fears is being ignorant, misled, or duped. You're incredibly intelligent but you risk over analyzing until you're actually incapable of making a decision. You're an old soul and wise beyond your years, but Jung would tell you don't get lost in the clouds. 

                                                           In other words, this is also me

Thursday, March 30, 2017

nbn again but with Optusnet and nuts

You don't ring nbn first, you ring your provider and if you are lucky she speaks Australian.
Unluckily for her, she had to deal with me.  I have this strange feeling that I've just done a deal with the crossroads demon and in ten years the Hell Hounds will be after me.

Didn't understand a word, can't work out if I'm richer or poorer, forgot to ask what speed but everything must be done before the nbn comes to the house.   She did transfer my phone to optus from Telstra so I didn't lose the number and I will get a bill from them for the balance owing. I hope it's for the $85 a month balance which is the plan I'm on not the 50 or so mobile calls for mother, each one near enough to an hour.

I'll have internet and landline for $110 a month, if I'd brought the mobile phone across it would have been $20 less but I have two mobile phones in my name, pre-paid and one won't be needed at some stage so I went along with leaving things at they were until later when they bring out a better plan. She assures me they will be doing that.  Now before Andrew clutches his pearls and faints on the carpet, I know I could have probably done better elsewhere if I knew what I was doing but it was bad enough trying to work with two companies let alone look at 3 or 4 others.

I was paying Telstra $85 a month for ordinary call and all other mobiles not just theirs which was a lot better than what I was paying before they offered me the plan.  Mother managed to get up to $330 one month when she was sick and I couldn't get down there every day.  Optusnet has been very good with fixing up the computer when it fritzed  and good with the pre-paid which is why I went with them because Telstra didn't have pre-paid when I bought the first phone.  Expensive back then but they had a special two for one deal and we took it.  I was putting $50 on the mobile untill it ran out and $130 on the Internet until it ran out and in the last six months it seemed to be running out very fast. If you can't understand that what do you think it's like inside my brain.

I'm still paying off the tree lopper's visa loan, putting $50 away each fortnight for the house insurance, $50 in the teapot for Mick the mower, hair cut next week, $35 and the bloody cat this week, $17.50 council registration and I might have to go grey, the price of hair dye is discriminating against poor people.  I'll give up ice-cream rather than buy cheap rubbish.  Let's not forget the two grand a year I spend on taxis getting to mother.  The cat won't eat cheap rubbish, $40 a bag for special teeth kibble and it's "Madam, my preferred kitty litter is white crystals with lavender balls, I have a sensitive nose".  It would be nice if the nose chipped in for the litter.  And the freeloading birds are getting cut down on their grub. Direct Debits for AGL, water and Medibank extras, Rates, which I suppose will go through the roof if one more house gets sold for a million anywhere near me.

I can manage all that except for one vital thing.....knickers.  I will have to bite the bullet and make my own, I have the machine, I have the soft fabric, I have the elastic and just thinking about it makes me lose the will to live.  I will be tortured before I reveal what the measuring tape said about the size of my nether regions but I can't go out of the house without wearing knickers in case I fall down. 

At least perving on good looking blokes is still free and half of them don't wear knickers.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Monday, March 27, 2017

All thanks to Malcolm the Moron, master of the nbn

Well,I sit down and ring the number given to me last week for a tech wizard to come and see where to put the nbn connection box.  This is Telstra, this is not for nbn but I will connect you when you stop the hysterical screaming.

Five minutes later, she comes back to the phone.  She is terribly sorry but I will have to ring nbn number again in two hours......and here comes the screaming again.....because their computers are down.   I think I have rung 3 times and the computers are still not working.  Doesn't that give you a wonderful feeling about the nbn and all the joys of its speed we've been promised.

The ritzy booklet tells me to join gen nbn today to avoid disconnection.
It tells me to find the providers in my area or online at coming.
nbn does not charge for a standard installation......what utter crap.  Tell me what 45 year old house is set up for an easy installation, bloody Malcolm and his copper wires.

My equipment setup.
Outside - an nbn connection box
Inside - Coaxial wall outlet to the splitter coaxial cable to your pay tv
             Another long coaxial cable to your own service provider's router and then to your homephone
             From the power outlet a power adapter which plugs along with the long coaxial cable into the nbn connection box.

Somewhere in there, nbn provides the boxes and my service provider supplies the router and Ethernet cable to connect my internet and phone devices as required.

My study is nowhere near any of the two phone connections.

And I did not understand anything I just wrote.

No idea what plan I will need, well I do, cheap.

I feel a scream coming on again, even the cat hasn't dared come near me whining for food.
I would really like a handful of fibre optics, should look great sticking out of various Malcolm orifices or should that be orifi, somewhere hurtable anyway.                                                                                               

Saturday, March 25, 2017

You must read this or I will cry, I'm very teary.

I couldn't find this on Youtube but it's only been showing on ABC 24 today.  I have written about
this experiment before but this is the first time it's been on the road for field studies.  Asssociate Professor Wood is a friend of mine and he and two other scientists have been working for years to get this testing kit funded and on the market.  Read right through as this is going to have an impact on us when warm area virus carrying mosquitos start to head down the coast.  Ross River Fever is already with us, who knows what will come next.

I hate humidity and I felt breathless just looking at the team working with the local villagers. 
The team have had to beg and scrounge for funding and I don't know how they had the patience to try and explain to politicians the science behind this technology.  If I knew how to I would email this article to every brainless twit in Parliament except our Pauline who would immediately condemn the mozzies as a muslim plot.

So take a minute and read the article.  If the link doesn't work, ABC news on line has it. 

Monday, March 06, 2017

She made it

Prognosis when she entered the Nursing Home was 4 to 6 months, seven years ago.  Today she makes eighty-seven years old and a great great Grandmother.  It makes me half dead.  She looked okay with little Clio which was back in December but now she is on oxygen most of the time but her mouth still moves. I turned up yesterday with an old friend of the Home and it was, Mel, could you please move that box and put that rug up there.  There was also another old friend of the Home and a grand reunion was in full swing which is why we picked yesterday instead of today.  The Homies could take a tour and see what's been done, see whoever is still breathing and both said it was a different atmosphere.  Except for one thing, no staff.  The girls on the floor were excellent but there were not enough if an emergency occurred.
Because she had a willing slave to command, it was Mel who went through the cupboards and loaded me up with stuff to cart home. I could barely lift the bag and I warned the cab driver before he copped a hernia.  I stopped at the corner shop to buy a paper and have a reviving cup of coffee and sat in the Autumn sun, lovely until I had to walk home. 
Really looking forward to another year of living two lives.